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Enterprises are embracing digital transformation and are realizing the pressing need for a total process overhaul in the prevailing disruptive economic environment.  But initiating this transformation and mapping and understanding how to optimize business processes can be really daunting. 

Any change management initiative comes with its own challenges and many organizations avoid taking the plunge to improve their processes. For enterprises to begin digitally transforming themselves, they first need to understand their everyday operations. And the first step towards that is process mapping. 

What is Process Mapping? 

A process map is a planning and management tool that visually describes the flow of work. Using process mapping software, process maps show a series of events that produce an end result. A process map is also called a flowchart, process flowchart, process chart, functional process chart, functional flowchart, process model, workflow diagram, business flow diagram or process flow diagram. It shows who and what is involved in a process and can be used in any business or organization and can reveal areas where a process should be improve. 

What is the purpose of process mapping?

The purpose of process mapping is for organizations and businesses to improve efficiency. Process maps provide insight into a process, helps team brainstorm ideas for process improvement, increase communication and provide process documentation. Process mapping will identify bottlenecks, repetition and delays. They help to define process boundaries, process ownership, process responsibilities and effectiveness measures or process metrics.

Making processes visible, auditable, and easy to monitor provides real benefit for organizations of any size. Only when you can visualize the individual tasks that make up your business processes can you begin to reduce bottlenecks, streamline your operations, and optimize your resources.

What are the benefits of Process Mapping?

The benefits of process mapping to your organization can be immense and, if executed well , it can deliver  a significant  return on investment in time, money and effort.

The first step is to clearly understand and map your business processes which needs to be automated. The key to success is understanding what are the different processes that currently exist, identifying which processes can provide the most benefit to your organization and how they are connected with each other. Once a map makes every process visible, it’s easier for businesses to understand where automation can be deployed for best effect.

Process Mapping can give your workforce the tools they need to effect change at every level of your organization.  

The benefits include: 

  • Increase productivity and efficiency, reducing repetitive administrative tasks and giving workers more time to focus on high-value work 
  • Eliminate paper-based processes 
  • Make change management easy with automatic notifications about changes to process 
  • Create automated, multi-level approval processes that reduce approval time 
  • Create clean, simple process maps that anyone can follow 
  • Automate low-value processes and replace them with processes that contribute to business success 

Process Mapping with Nintex Promapp  

Nintex Promapp® from Nintex – a leading process and workflow automation company ,makes it easy to create and manage processes, ensuring that ongoing improvements can be made in your organization. Operational success requires total visibility of business processes – every worker must be able to access and update process maps in real time. 

With Nintex Promapp®, you can give workers the tools they need to effect change at every level of your organization. Pursuing digital transformation is an ongoing pursuit, but with Nintex Promapp® it can be a simple one. 


The Nintex Process Platform offers industry-leading process management and automation capabilities including: process mapping and management with Nintex Promapp®, robotic process automation (RPA) with Nintex Foxtrot® RPA , workflow automation, forms and mobile apps, document generation with Nintex DocGen® and Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation , and e-Signatures with Nintex Sign™ powered by Adobe Sign and process intelligence. 

How TeBS can help                              

We are a Premium Nintex Partner in Singapore and help to accelerate the digital transformation journey for our customers using the Nintex Process Platform. We leverage the powerful and easy-to-use capabilities of Nintex Platform to help you realize process automation goals – on time, within budget and where you need automation most. 

We have won awards  as a leading “Nintex Partner Award  for solution innovation” and have demonstrated success on Nintex Platform with a wide range of customers and use-cases. As  a recognized Nintex Solution Partner, our expertise lies in designing and implementing process automation solutions for customers using the Nintex Process  platform. 

Our Nintex consultants, experts and technical specialists have collectively helped customers automate more than 200 business processes and build 300+ electronic forms. Our team is highly skilled in automating complex business processes and has rich experience setting and deploying hybrid scenarios for Nintex and SharePoint. 

We can help to showcase – how easy it is to understand, map, and manage your business solutions with Nintex ProMapp. Drop us a mail at to know more about the Nintex Platform and how we can help you embark on your automation journey ! 



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