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TeBS provides unparalleled transformation in the health care services domain


The project was for a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) that executes diverse programs to facilitate a variety of services like patient affordability, patient support and survey for their customer’s products. The objective of these programs is to assist eligible patients to buy medicines at discounted prices and get services from qualified nurses. These programs also help their customers to provide various services to patients and report adverse events in a timely manner in compliance with regulations.

The programs are implemented using Microsoft Dynamic CRM.

The Need

  • Provide support and maintenance of the existing programs in Microsoft Dynamic CRM
  • Development of new programs; designing new architecture to increase the productivity of users and reduce the development time
  • Design and develop web applications that interact with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to maintain program records and utilize the CRM features

Solution Provided

TeBS provides the following support and enhancement services for the NPO’s CRM instance:

  • Maintenance services for about 10 custom developed programs
  • Development and rolling out 15 new programs in 8 months

TeBS has also developed a .NET portal which enables customer interaction with an existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) instance. The portal is deployed in Azure, leveraging Azure Ecosystem and scalability.

Salient Features

  • Consolidating all the data in existing CRM instance; the CRM users can access the data using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Screens; also leveraging the existing CRM features
  • Reduce CRM license by allowing consultants to directly use the Portal which does not require additional CRM licenses
  • The Dashboard provides quick preview into the case status, call metrics and easy access to the case data

Following are the key benefits of leveraging Azure platform for the development of this solution:

  • Flexibility to scale up gradually while ensuring un-interrupted, service to the end users.
  • Ability to easily plug in new components from the Azure stack, as new features are implemented.
  • Robustness of the Azure platform delivers a hassle-free experience

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