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Create More Collaborative Systems With Powell Software!

TeBS is a leading Powell software partner, and we help employees collaborate, simplify day-to-day work processes, and get work done from anywhere with our digital workplace solutions.

Powell Software provides flexible and evergreen workplace solutions built on Office 365 and SharePoint, which helps to speed digital transformation. Its cutting-edge solutions are customized to the unique requirements of your business.

Digital Workplace Solutions

Through Powell Software, we assist in providing complete digital workplace solutions that are designed to communicate and collaborate with employees while increasing engagement. The solution helps to seamlessly connect employees in a hybrid world by providing an engaging and attractive workplace solution designed for remote and in-office employees.

Powell Teams improves cooperation within Microsoft Teams to produce a smooth, controllable, and regulated experience. The user experience is enhanced, and team governance is made easier.
By offering a selection of customizable, ready-to-use templates for working together on projects like sales RFPs and automatically launching Teams in response to an email or an action triggered in a business application like the CRM, Powell Teams makes it easier for people to collaborate on Microsoft Teams.

  • Microsoft Teams Governance
  • Lifecycle Management & Templates
  • Organized Teamwork
  • Engaging Employee Experience

Powell Intranet offers a flexible and inclusive business communication solution while also encouraging employee engagement and connection. Powell Intranet’s interactive staff intranet transforms internal communications and engages employees in your corporate communications.
It is a ready-to-use intranet that is completely adaptable and scalable, and it keeps your information secure because it is built on Microsoft 365. It is accessible through a desktop, web browser, or intranet app on a mobile device.

  • Attractive & Centralized Communications Space
  • Accessible on your desktop, browser or mobile app
  • Engaging features like employee advocacy & Ideation
  • Interactive & Intuitive to Use

TeBS & Powell Partnership

TeBS is a leading Powell implementation partner, and we work closely with our clients to deliver digital workplace solutions that enhances employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. Powell software is built on Microsoft 365, which bring more synergy as we have deep domain expertise in Microsoft technologies too.

Provide consultation services to get your Powell Software project up and running.
Collaborate with your team to deliver a successful digital transformation program leveraging Powell Teams and Powell Intranet.
Assist in configuring and managing Powell Intranet and Powell Teams to put your digital workplace in motion.
Partner with you to build a resilient organization adapted to the Hybrid Workplace by helping you manage Governance with Powell Teams.

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