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.NET MAUI stands for Multi-platform App UI, and it is a framework for building native mobile and desktop applications with a single shared code base. Microsoft’s .NET framework is a free, open source, cross-platform developer supported on Windows, Linux and macOS. It offers ease of building apps for web, mobile, gaming, IoT, desktop, cloud and microservices.

As a dot net development company TeBS uses Microsoft’s comprehensive and consistent .NET Framework for building applications that have visually appealing user experiences, seamless and secure communication, and the ability to transform a range of business processes. As a leading Microsoft gold certified partner, we help to keep your cross-platform application development an easy process and assist in building native cross – platform desktop and mobile apps leveraging .Net & MAUI platform.

Microsoft .Net & MAUI Capabilities

.NET MAUI is for developers who want to write cross-platform apps in XAML and C#, from a single shared codebase in Visual Studio, share UI layout and design across platforms. Using .NET MAUI, you can develop apps that can run on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows from a single shared codebase.

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Building Native Apps

.NET core implementation MAUI uses the latest, modern technologies for building native apps on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows abstracting them into one common framework built on .NET 6.

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Enhance productivity with Visual Studio

Leverage C#, .NET, and Visual Studio to reduce the time and difficulty to build native, multi-platform apps.

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Build Hybrid Applications with Blazor

Build hybrid applications with C# instead of JavaScript. Share your Blazor web components directly in .NET core implementation MAUI apps while having access to native device capabilities and packaging.

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Unified App Platform

Reuse components and libraries more easily with a common set of APIs available across any type of .NET 6 application. Access to hundreds of thousands of packages from the ecosystem to jumpstart your development.

Solutions We Offer

We help clients take full advantage of Microsoft.Net implementation platform for developing different types of applications.

Web Development

Our Microsoft certified professionals can assist in creating fast and responsive web apps using the latest Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET MVC Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Pages, Xamarin and much more.

API Development

We can build elastic, scalable, and secure APIs to connect microservices, giving access to legacy data, and reducing the need to write complex integration code.

Mobile Application Development

In-depth expertise in .NET Core cross-platform development enables us to create powerful mobile applications based on the Xamarin framework compatible with both iOS and Android.

Cloud Application Development

With .NET technologies, we help companies build fast, modern, and scalable cloud-based apps that run on all major platforms and ensure high flexibility, control, and disaster recovery.

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As a dot net development company Our experienced and certified .NET professionals can help build native, cross-platform desktop and mobile apps. Schedule a call with our Microsoft experts to know more!

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