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Microsoft Azure has revolutionized the way companies develop and deploy applications by significantly reducing infrastructure costs, enabling on-demand scalability, ease of use, cost-efficiency and flexibility. Microsoft Azure is a recognized leader in both private and public and provides a fully integrated set of IaaS and PaaS capabilities, including technologies like AI and machine learning, analytics, DevOps, internet of things and security, all of which complement and integrate with on-premises systems.

As the most experienced Microsoft Azure cloud services partner with certified professionals on Azure, we help you fully leverage the power of AZURE. At TeBS, we provide end-to-end custom software development, cloud migration, engineering, and DevOps services for companies developing and managing applications on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Capabilities

Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure offers several application development solutions such as data computation, data storage, data management, networking and application development. It offers easy custom application development helping developers and business owners do more with their products, in a shorter timeframe and save on cost.

Microsoft Azure Partner

Azure SQL

  • Azure SQL Database is a relational cloud database that allows you to accelerate app development and use the familiar SQL database engine.
  • It lets you migrate your SQL server databases without changing your apps and connect your data to built-in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

Microsoft Azure Partner

Azure Stack Services

  • Microsoft Azure Stack offers a common single vendor platform across cloud and on-premises data centers.
  • It is redefining the landscape in hybrid cloud platforms – giving a true hybrid cloud experience that increases efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

Microsoft Azure Partner

Azure Security

  • Azure Security solutions helps to protect your data, apps and infrastructure quickly with built-in security services.
  • Azure includes unparalleled security intelligence to help identify rapidly evolving threats early — so you can respond quickly and leverage advanced threat protection feature in hybrid cloud environments.

Microsoft Azure Partner

Azure AI & Machine Learning

  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning enables data scientists to prepare data, develop experiments and deploy models at cloud scale.
  • Azure Machine Learning includes three components (Workbench, Experimentation Service and Model Management Service), a learning library as well as Visual Studio Code Tools for AI.

Microsoft Azure Partner

Azure Cognitive Services

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services uses image processing algorithms, complex information mapping combined with semantic search, natural language processing, speech conversion and search to solve business problems.
  • It enhances your apps, websites and bots with intelligent algorithms to understand and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication.

Our Core Services

We help clients take full advantage of Microsoft Azure platform whether they are looking to migrate existing applications, modernize legacy systems or develop cloud-native solutions.

Azure Application Development

  • Microsoft Azure Application Development
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Azure Integration Services
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Application Containerization

Cloud Migration

  • On-Premises, AWS, Azure migration to Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Application migration and modernization to new cloud native infrastructure
  • Cloud governance frameworks for safe migration
  • Security and performance tuning

Microsoft Azure DevOps Services

  • CI /CD Implementation
  • Quality Assurance, Automation and Testing
  • Software release automation on Microsoft Azure Platform

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Azure Delivers Unparalleled Efficiency

Azure lets you develop apps using familiar programming languages like Visual Basic, C++, C# etc. The settings are similar to that of Windows. This spells efficiency and shorter time to create applications for developers.

Azure Is Open, Adaptable And Easy To Integrate

Azure allows you to bring together your apps, data, devices, and partners on-premises and in the cloud. Azure’s agile toolset gives solutions for all integration needs ranging from connecting mobile apps to payments with partners.

Supports Any Media Services

Microsoft Azure Media Services lets you safely upload, store, encode and package video or audio content for both on-demand and live streaming to a wide array of endpoints, with a high degree of agility and scalability.

Azure Supports Hybrid Solutions

Azure lets you oscillate between on-premises and the public cloud that both use open VHD standard. This provides flexibility in creating a customized roadmap to the cloud capitalizing on unique business needs and existing technology investments.

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