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Boost Your Digital Transformation With Effective RPA

TeBS helps companies develop and put into action comprehensive automation programs that improve operations, promote process innovation, and generate a return on investment. TeBS provides a complete set of technologies for robotic process automation.

We assist businesses in implementing digital transformation, accelerating the automation process, and utilizing RPA technology to create workplaces and corporate processes that are more effective. Kryon is one of the RPA solutions we offer to our clients, and we have collaborations with top automation partners. Advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions are offered by Kryon to help businesses through a digital transition. The only solution that integrates Process Discovery, analytics, and direct deployment to RPA on a single platform is Kryon’s AI-based Full-Cycle Automation.

Kryon Competency

We at Kryon help you helm the much-needed Robotic Process Automation in your business and harness the power of dedicated automation.

Kryon Processes Discovery

Kryon Process Discovery™ helps to get data gathered by discovery robots which provides actionable intelligence about all the processes across your organization that are fit for automation.

Kryon Studio

Kryon studio is a powerful authoring studio tool which helps the users to develop and maintain automation process workflows. It has a intuitive visual interface helping users to record tasks, and even drag and drop process activities.

Kryon Console

Kryon Console is a web based tool which enables real-time monitoring, remote configuration and scheduling of your robotic workforce. It has an intuitive and interactive dashboard which makes it simple and effortless to deploy and manage Kryon robots.

Kryon Robots

Kryon Robots are virtual workers, helping you make smarter automation decisions and completing processes for you. The platform offers Unattended, and Attended Robots to support your end-to-end business processes.

TeBS & Kryon Partnership Driving Continuous Process Optimization

Our RPA services experts have worked with global Fortune 500 enterprises across large to mid-size companies and varying functions like HR, Operations, Finance, helping them, automate key business processes and accelerate their RPA adoption journey.

We leverage  Kryon’s cutting-edge technology to deliver value to our clients through its full-cycle automation suite that delivers an innovative solution, driven by proprietary, patented AI technology.

Computer Vision

Kyron offers many innovative features and has five patents in Intelligent Image Recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) , which significantly increases the automation speed from minutes to seconds.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Kryon comes with advanced functionalities like machine learning and neural networks which automatically suggests and identifies which processes to automate, enabling RPA team to track efficiently all the different tasks being executed by their employees.

Smart Automation for Bot Efficiency

Kryon gives its users the option of selecting the right approach to use while implementing RPA . Users can define the different processes they want to automate and Kryon’s platform will select the best way to execute these processes to achieve optimal speed and accuracy.

Services We Provide

At TeBS, we help enterprises to maximize value from their RPA investment. We can help implement Kryon’s solution to automate your business processes and enhance overall operational efficiency

  • Software resell and professional services
  • Bot maintenance, monitoring, support and enhancement
  • Building a Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Specialized RPA Training
  • Automating IT processes, including installations, FTP download and backup, server and application monitoring, and file and disk management
  • Web data extraction
  • Data transfer automation
  • ERP system automation

Industries We Serve

We help businesses from different industries leverage effective RPA and level up their digital transformation.


We have catered to many manufacturing companies who aimed at automating their processes.


Our dedicated automation solutions help enhance the logistics workflows and make their operations seamless.

Public Sector

Kryon-based solutions have helped organizations in the public sector to organize and control their processes.


TeBS has enabled several companies in the utility sector to automate their reporting and better analyze the business.


Our solutions for banking sector clientele help the stakeholders manage their portal accesses and ensure data safety.


Setting up robust systems assisted automative companies in achieving improved process optimization in no time.

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