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Make Your Digital Stack More Agile With Effective Automation

Automation solution is often an integral aspect of a business. In today’s time, most organizations aim to leverage dedicated RPA systems alongside AI to deliver a quality experience to their customers.

At TeBS, we leverage the power of Automation Anywhere and bring the effectiveness of RPA to light. Our intelligent automated solutions are built to shoot up the productivity of businesses while reducing manual dependency. Our array of global clients has first-hand witnessed the value of Automation Anywhere and its efficient RPA functions.

Services We Provide

We offer best practices and RPA implementation frameworks & techniques drawn from large-scale deployments and have domain knowledge in deploying RPA throughout the industry.

Consulting & Advisory

  • Identification of right tools for automation
  • Framework and best practices
  • Process assessment, analysis, and strategy roadmap
  • Architecture consultation
  • Compliance and governance models

Implementation & CoE

  • Initial phase implementation
  • End-user training
  • Proof-of-concept (PoC) development
  • Project and resource management
  • CoE setup and parallel development
  • License management

Support & Maintenance

  • Version management and upgrades Implementation
  • Continuous feedback and improvement
  • Implementation support (maintenance of software bots)
  • Product Support
  • Change management

Automation Anywhere

The cloud RPA platform

The top cloud-native, end-to-end intelligent automation platform utilized by large, international corporations to grow the automation of their business processes is Automation 360 – the cloud RPA platform from Automation Anywhere.

Discovery Bot

Discover Bot assists with the documentation of processes in order to expedite automation, all inside a single intelligent automation platform alongside tracking user activity, gathering data, and processing documents.

IQ Bot

IQ Bot provides sophisticated AI capabilities combined with RPA, which can automatically pull out valuable information from documents and evaluate them for further processing.

RPA Workspace

One of the best ways to implement automation is by RPA Workspace. It automates all repetitive digital tasks and processes quicker than any other solution while integrating all operations for their digital stack.

Bot Insight

With its interactive visual dashboard, Bot Insight provides a single version of truth for any intelligent automation program.


One can easily collaborate through easy displays and trigger automation using the Automation Anywhere Robotic interface (AARI) based on agent activity, application engagement, after-call needs, and more.

Bot Store

Bot Store is an online RPA marketplace that provides ready-to-use technology infrastructure. These configurable bots are built before defining their operations, and they considerably minimize maintenance costs and dangers.

How TeBS & Automation Anywhere Partnership Can Help Your Business?

At Total eBiz Solutions (TeBS), we have helped global enterprises to accelerate their RPA initiatives by offering platforms and solutions, that are easy to deploy, customizable with high-level precision and accuracy. Our RPA competency centre has around 65+ certified automation architects, 60+ solution accelerators with 800+ automated processes.

We have deep technical and domain expertise in implementing Automation Anywhere products to help your organization automate key business processes and transform with RPA.


We ensure that we follow industry leading practices while implementing RPA to deliver a higher ROI , thereby driving business agility and enhanced productivity across all functions.

Advanced Functionalities

Automation Anywhere RPA tool comes with advanced functionality with in built AI and ML capabilities to build SMART Bots for process automation ,with the flexibility of integrating third-party AI capabilities into existing processes.

Security & Governance

Automation 360 is ISO27001 and Soc 1 & 2 certified. Enhanced security is ensured as platform is built with DevSecOps with best-in-class security including identity and access management, data encryption, audit logs etc.

Better Employee Experience

The RPA tool helps to increase productivity with employee involvement in strategic tasks rather than repetitive,rule-based mundane tasks.

Increase Speed & Accuracy

A solution Offers High-speed transactions with 24/7 automation, leading to faster service, less error correction, and less overall waste.

Cost Savings

RPA helps to reduce the operating costs . It saves time and money by minimizing human intervention and automationg the manual tasks.

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