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Enhance Corporate Growth With Data & Analytics

Enterprises must adopt data modernization, analytics, implementation, and AI solutions in creative ways if they are to stay competitive in the face of fast digitalization and exponential data increase. We are aware that every firm wants to make the most of its data, yet has different data issues and objectives.

TeBS aids you in earning money from your digital transformation process with our data analytics services and AI. We provide end-to-end data engineering and data analytics for business services, from data input and transformation to advanced analytics insights leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

TeBS Competency in Data-Driven Transformation

Our abilities assist organizations in becoming data-driven by employing cutting-edge data platforms, industry-leading sophisticated data analytics, and implementation intelligence for business services and AI solutions.

Data Engineering

Our data engineers can help to design, build and modernize data platforms to ensure your data streams are seamlessly connected and accessible for reporting and data analysis. We also provide data warehouse on cloud services on leading platforms, such as Azure and AWS.

Business Intelligence

We can help modernize your existing Business Intelligence Services environment through our data modernization and business intelligence services consulting, implementation and support services. Regardless of where you are in your BI journey, we provide tailored solutions specific to your industry needs.

Advanced Analytics & AI

We can accelerate your AI journey by harnessing full potential of your data through data intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, cognitive computing and smart bots. Our advanced analytics services offers both on-premise and cloud infrastructure using latest advanced analytics tools.

TeBS Core Services

Our Data and Analytics services help you solve complex data challenges and derive data driven
insights for better business outcomes.

Data Engineering Services

  • Structured and unstructured data management
  • Design and development of a data warehouse
  • Data Lake Implementation
  • Cloud Data Architecture
  • Cloud Data Implementation: Migration to Cloud Services

Business Intelligence Services & Analytic Services

  • Services for Analytical and Business Intelligence
  • Consulting and Strategy for Business Intelligence
  • BI Implementation and Improvement Roadmap
  • Business Intelligence Self-Service
  • Data visualization and reporting automation
  • Business Intelligence Services Migration and Assistance

Advanced Analytics & AI Services

  • Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics services
  • Predictive Analytics Solutions
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Natural Language Processing-Guided Analytics
  • AI/ML Analytics 6. AI Cloud Services

TeBS Value Proposition

As a leading digital innovator, we have industry expertise to provide best-in-class data analytics services and AI solutions to enhance your data transformation journey. We leverage the power of advanced analytical tools to transform data, use modern platforms to store and analyse data warehouse on cloud and deliver business insights to maximize data value.

Strategic Partnership

We collaborate with industry leading technology partners and ecosystem partners and platforms to deliver maximum value to our clients.

Industry Expertise

We have deep expertise in delivering large, data analytics projects using enterprise data assets, including ML/AI platforms.

Certified Technical Experts

We have a team of certified data architects, data stewards, data engineers,
AI practitioners and data analytics company Singapore professionals.

Consultative Expert

Our team adopts a collaborative approach towards solving your data challenges and helping to manage data across heterogeneous systems.

Industries We Serve

With our array of dedicated services, we have been able to help several brands from varying industries make the best use of their data.


Our teams assisted banking professionals to better leverage their business intelligence and predict trends.


We helped many insurance companies understand their customer profiles using artificial intelligence.


With top-notch data engineering solutions, we enabled logistics companies to improve their decision-making.


We have enabled manufacturing companies to fast-track their business growth.


Our digital transformation services have helped non-profits to gain better insights into their business.

Public Sector

Many public-sector companies have trusted us with their data engineering needs!

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