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As more innovative and new-age technologies emerge in the disruptive environment, many organizations are embracing advanced software tools and platforms to become more agile and responsive to the transformative environment. DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) applications offer a holistic approach to applications development and deployment. DevSecOps is a methodology that promotes better collaboration between software developers, testing teams, operations, and security engineers to deliver products rapidly by integrating an agile framework.

Our innovative Agile and DevSecOps capabilities can help organizations to accelerate their end to end software development lifecycle (SDLC), by leveraging proven agile approaches, industry standardized tools, integrated architecture, deep expertise in using CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous development ), microservices & software automation.

TeBS Competency in Agile & DevSecOps Services

We assist organizations in achieving business agility by utilizing DevSecOps to design, release, and maintain apps with improved security and standards.

Agile Coaching & Enablement

  • Assess the scale and scope of desired business outcomes to align with agile, iterative estimation
  • Empower with operational aspects of Agile methods, tools and frameworks along with best practices
  • Ensure successful implementation of agile approaches through “agile transformation teams “set up by our experienced agile coaches
  • Establish metrics to track the progress as per the agreed terms
  • Coach leaders and project team members to practice true agile for optimal outcomes

DevSecOps Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Agile & DevSecOps maturity assessment
  • DevSecOps existing landscape review
  • DevSecOps adoption roadmap and phase wise blueprint
  • Agile enablement strategy
  • Advise on security policy and tool selection

DevSecOps Implementation Services

  • DevSecOps and cloud infrastructure facilitation
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) at enterprise scale in multiple environment
  • Build automation, test automation, deployment automation, and infrastructure automation
  • Continuous code quality improvement by incorporating shift left testing integrated with CI/CD pipeline
  • Secure by design for application development and environments

Managed Services

  • Test automation and application security (source control, automated testing, SAST, DAST, software composition analysis, etc.)
  • Continuous testing/security and code quality improvement
  • Continuous application and infrastructure monitoring
  • Version control system management including migration strategy
  • Proactive monitoring of infrastructure and application for business continuity and minimum outages

TeBS Agile Development Approach & Capabilities

The main objective of our agile approach is to encourage collaboration and communication between the business team and development stakeholders in order to foster openness and achieve efficient continuous development. To ensure that projects operate smoothly and effectively, we use best practices from Agile software development, lean product development, Scrum, Kanban, and hybrid. Our agile strategy is based on the premise that projects should be delivered sooner in the development lifecycle rather than later (MVP). Our team asks stakeholders and end users to provide input on current development while testing on a frequent basis.

DevSecOps Approach

We take a DevSecOps strategy, focusing on important areas across the product life cycle.

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