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Businesses constantly strive to establish an open and collaborative atmosphere for all their employees by introducing innovative and smart technologies that may lay a helping in the development of a digitally contemporary workplace. The digital workplace improves efficiency, productivity, and accessibility while simultaneously empowering the whole business.

By merging contemporary digital technology with integrated office productivity tools, the modern digital workplace gives organizations everything they need to boost employee collaboration, engagement, and productivity. We at TeBS provide a variety of Digital Workplace solutions to assist you in establishing a working environment that fosters improved teamwork and information sharing, fosters collaboration to increase productivity, and establishes a connected workplace.

Our Solutions

With our help, you can get the most out of Microsoft Office collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Microsoft Viva. Because of our considerable expertise in digital transformation and our cutting-edge partner ecosystem, we can provide outstanding, customized services that will improve your workplace.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is an intelligent intranet solution for collaboration and information sharing within the organization.

  • Automates simple tasks to complex operational workflows.
  • Powerful search option to discover information
  • Interactive and user-friendly experience
  • Content management and repurposing
  • Strong connection between employees and data information
  • Speed up shared business processes
  • Strongly integrated with office 365
  • Well-secured environment

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a unified collaboration platform provide intelligent collaboration with access to telephony, video and web conferencing, messaging and ad hoc meetings.

  • Integration of all apps in a single place
  • Streamlined communication & Fast response and improved customer experience
  • Stay in touch anywhere, anytime & Host smarter meetings
  • Improve collaboration and productivity & Access to communication tools

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform and can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

  • Easily share content with a customized feed
  • Generate insights and reports using advanced tools
  • Access topics and enhance knowledge sharing with the search tab
  • Facilitate dissemination of information through a single platform and personalized dashboard

TeBS Intranet Portal Solution – IntraSenz

The Microsoft SharePoint Platform serves as the foundation for TeBS’ IntraSenz Intranet-in-a-Box solution. To promote cooperation, make information more accessible, and improve communication inside the company, you may share but also manage apps, knowledge, and material with IntraSenz, an Intelligent Intranet for straightforward employee collaboration.

IntraSenz: Feature-rich Business Apps

To help simplify workplace transition and boost user engagement, IntraSenz offers powerful productivity tools, pre-defined templates, and designs.


  • Announcements
  • Tasks monitoring & notifications
  • Feature stories
  • Rotating banners
  • Media gallery
  • Spotlight
  • Carousel


  • Department pages
  • Proper management of records
  • Project management
  • Header management
  • Folder management
  • Lookup management


  • Menus
  • Mass move folders
  • Dedicated staff search
  • Organization chat
  • Retention policies
  • PDF tool integration


  • Chatbots
  • Discussion forums
  • Calendar of events
  • Survey & polls
  • Social media integration
  • Gamification

Why Intrasenz is Your Best Digital Workplace Choice?

Productivity is increased by IntraSenz because it encourages teamwork among employees and provides them with the tools and training they need to complete their everyday jobs.

Improves Employee Productivity

Witness the employees perform better with increased productivity.

Rights Management

Manage you is authorized to view, edit or share the company assets.

Useful Business Productivity Apps

Shoot your efficiency by leveraging trusted business productivity apps.

Seamless Information Dissemination

Faster traversal of information with reduced complexities and human intervention.

Information Architecture

Keep all the information organized and planned manner for better referencing.

AI-Enabled Auto Tagging

Harness the power of auto-tagging to segment your data correctly.

Knowledge Management Hub

Control all the information and knowledge unified in one place with IntraSenz

Enterprise-Wide Reporting & Collaboratio

Make your reports more comprehensive with enterprise-wide key metrics.


Make your systems more interactive and fun while nudging people to adopt them.

Secured Access For Data & Content Integrity

Keep your crucial business data secured with systematic access.

Task Monitoring & Notifications

Track the team tasks and send out timely notifications to bring them to pace.

AI-Based Chatbots

Replicate human-like servicing with prompt responses.

SharePoint Practice Overview

TeBS provides our customers with affordable Microsoft SharePoint development services. Starting From preliminary planning to design, customization, go-live, post-go-live maintenance, long-term SharePoint Managed Services, and many more that we can assist.

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