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A Better Way to Manage Your Contracts

Contracting processes can be complex, inefficient, and costly, whether you’re closing the next big deal with a client or buying something your business needs. DocuSign CLM makes the process easier, faster, and less risky.  Contract lifecycle management software lets you organize, and automate contract work, customize agreements with one click, and collaborate effortlessly across teams. Additionally, AI and analytics help users work more efficiently and make more brilliant deals by uncovering trends, risks, and opportunities.

DocuSign Capabilities

Traditional, legacy, manual, and paper-based agreement processes could be faster and more error-free. DocuSign offers a cloud-based contract lifecycle management platform that helps automate and streamline contracts.

Create Contracts With Ease

Create documents at the click of a button. It’s quick and easy with templates and a clause library.

  • Automatically populate new agreements with data from systems such as Salesforce.
  • Set conditional rules for things like non-standard term checking.
  • Allow the legal department to define a library of pre-approved clauses.

Collaborate & Negotiate Faster

Keep everyone on the same page and bring teams together to get contracts done faster.

  • Automate the routing of contracts for internal and external review with granular version control.
  • Quickly do reviews with comments and tasks that keep users informed and empowered via email and Slack.
  • Accelerate contract reviews with AI-powered negotiation capabilities.

Automate Contract Workflows

Eliminate bottlenecks and dead ends with automated workflows that move contracts forward.

  • Use a drag-and-drop editor to design contract processes.
  • Use over 100 preconfigured workflow steps to create, review, approve, send for signature, save, and many more contracts.
  • Use CLM with pre-built connectors and rich APIs in conjunction with the tools your team already uses.

Manage Contracts In One Place

Store all your contracts in a searchable repository with permission controls.

  • Provide a single, accessible source of information for your legal department and other users.
  • Manage obligations, renewals, and more with agreement reports.
  • Search and filter agreements by keyword, concept, and metadata.

TeBS & DocuSign Partnership

TeBS is a trusted DocuSign implementation partner, and we can help to automate your entire contract agreement processes with our proven approach and best practices. We can assist you in planning and prioritizing the agreement processes and setting up complex workflows to streamline the contracts to eliminate risks and errors. Want to learn how DocuSign CLM can fit your business?

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