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As collaboration has become a critical competency for achieving and sustaining high performance, increased speed to market, better customer service, and lower costs, digital tools are required for increased efficiency and effectiveness of the knowledge workers. We work with diverse organizations to design, develop and deploy technology solutions that increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness by connecting and empowering people through intranet, extranet and internet communities.

TeBS has deep domain and technology expertise in implementing collaborative portal solutions and we leverage our proven processes and methodologies and combining our years of experience in implementing portal solutions across different industry verticals, we can help you achieve your business objectives.

TeBS Competency in Collaborative Portals

TeBS collaboration portals help businesses by combining intranet, content, and document management and enabling stakeholders to collaborate more effectively inside the organization.

Strategy & Assessment

  • Defining portal and collaboration strategies along with platform lifecycle.
  • Evaluation of Portal platforms, solutions and applications.
  • Helping to choose the right products to build a robust portal for better collaboration and enhanced communication.

Technology Architecture & Design

  • Comprehensive platform, solutions and technical architecture services.
  • Intuitive and seamless portal user experiences.
  • Using best practices to design the portal giving due importance to security and access control, while ensuring seamless integration with existing IT systems.

Enterprise Portal Development Services

  • Reusable workflows and portal developments.
  • Custom designing and deployment of portals to streamline workflows.
  • Enrich portals with advanced features like a single sign-on, enterprise search function robust data integration, customisation/personalisation with access control.

Portal Migration Services

  • Migrating legacy portal platforms to new generation platforms and versions.
  • Ensuring a seamless migration of the latest portal configuration from development to testing or the production environments.
  • Supporting and maintenance of portals post migration.

Portal Upgrade

  • Reusable workflows and portal developments.
  • Custom designing and deployment of portals to streamline workflows.
  • Enabling the maintenance mode on your portal to provide a consistent message, when the portal is under scheduled maintenance.

Benefits & Features of
Collaborative Portals

Collaborative portals have enormous potential for improving teamwork, information collecting, and task completion, which businesses are beginning to recognize. Thanks to collaborative portals with tailored procedures, content, and privileges levels, management, staff, and partners may access documents, data, and information from a single spot.

Improve Employee Productivity

Employees can now work better with all the resources easily available to them.

Effective Content Management & Sharing

Keep a better track of shared content while granting access to key team members.

Improved Communication & Seamless Collaboration

Reduce the chances of miscommunications with effective sharing of data.

Enhanced Visibility & Transparency Among Stakeholders

Work transparently with your team members where your progress is visible to all.

Effective Work Collaboration Tool

Leverage the plethora of tools offered for a seamless utilization of content.

A Central Digital Workplace With Cross Platform Compatibility

Bring all your data to one place which can be operated on different platforms.

Improved Process Security & Compliance

Keep your data secured without worrying about statutory compliances.

Easy Integration With Current IT Infrastructure

Integrated with your existing IT setups and give way to an easy flow of data.

Give Access to Real Time Information on Work Status

Know where your team is positioned and get dynamic status updates with dedicated portals.

TeBS Collaborative Portals Use Cases

We have built powerful intranet, extranet and intelligent portal solutions for customers across industry sectors to help streamline their operations and enhance business communication.

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