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Effective automation has become the need of the hour for the entire business landscape. It is integral for realizing your digital transformation and bringing about much-needed change in your organization. Implementing intelligent automation solutions can help grease the wheels for your smooth workflows with minimum human intervention.

We at TeBS bring you an array of dedicated intelligent solutions that are crucial for businesses to fast-track their growth. With an effective digital stack of cutting-edge technologies, we help you build automated systems that improve your overall productivity. Leveraging predefined workflows also assists you in cutting down manual effort.

TeBS Competency in Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation uses next-generation technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, RPA, and NLP to digitize important business activities, resulting in organizational change. TeBS provides a broad range of industry-specific and cross-functional automation services that enable our customers and end users to build an automated system within their business.

Advisory Services

Create a clear consultation service that directs customers toward the required advice.

  • Dedicated vendor management
  • Intelligent transformation roadmap to chalk out business plans
  • Process readiness assessment to ensure seamless workflow
  • Process management and translation for smooth functioning

Implementation & Support Services

Automate your system implementations that support your customers to navigate through the processes.

  • Process re-engineering with Lean or Six Sigma
  • Bot health check services for effective automation
  • Platform implementation & configuration
  • Accelerated process discovery
  • End-to-end production support
  • Mature frameworks & toolsets

CoE Set Up & Execution Services

Get your starter Kit for Center of Excellence in place to start making the best use of the Microsoft Power Platform.

  • Top-Notch Governance & Operationalization
  • Continuous improvements & expansion
  • Standards, methodologies & procedures
  • People enablement & training
  • CoE setup & initialization
  • Set up multiple automation programs in tandem

Components of Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation incorporates complementary, cutting-edge digital technologies like RPA, ML, NLP, Advanced OCR, AI, Workflow Orchestration, and other cognitive technologies to accelerate automation, scale it up more rapidly, and automate mission-critical activities.

Tebs Industry Solutions

End-to-end business processes are developed using intelligent automation in conjunction with cutting-edge technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), analytics, optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), artificial intelligence (AI), native language processing (NLP), and process mining.

Here are some ways TeBS may use our intelligent automation solutions specific to particular industries to assist you in creating your own automation strategy.

Intelligent Invoice Processing

  • The account payables process will be fully automated
  • Using RPA and advanced OCR as digital levers
  • Streamlined ERP system integration and rule-driven processes
  • Flexible and adaptable procedures

Digital HR Assistant

  • Improving employee interactions using chatbots2
  • For example, proactive push alerts, reminders, and ideas
  • Support for OCR software, workflow tools, RPA bots, and other underlying IT systems
  • Support for OCR software, workflow tools, RPA bots, and other underlying IT systems

Virtual KYC Agent

  • Added online document submission options for KYC
  • Permits the use of various identity documents
  • Using official and authorized APIs and interfaces to verify and validate submitted documents
  • Through a mobile device connected to KYC documents, the customer is authenticated with an OTP

Virtual Insurance Agent

  • Online communication and document submission are now both possible.
  • Provides a variety of loans, including mortgages as well as personal loans, to retail customers
  • enables the input of various documents based on a particular loan request
  • Integrates with several systems, such as case management, document management, core banking, and credit bureaus

Automated Data Submissions

  • Obtain data from submission forms automatically, irrespective of data formats, document kinds, or submission routes
  • To allow carrier systems to utilize the obtained data, put it together using methods and formats that are widely accepted in the sector (such as XML and ACORD)
  • Involve a human in the process to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information obtained
  • Use analytical algorithms to provide a preliminary risk score to the KYC papers and evaluate risk appetite

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