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In a world driven by technology, digital transformation is no longer optional for companies who want to succeed. The complex and fragmented tech environment makes it imperative for enterprises to keep moving ahead with their digital transformation initiatives. To embark on this journey, they need to achieve innovation at scale by leveraging advanced automation technologies to enhance operational efficiency through process improvements.

Hyperautomation is helping organization to unlock maximum potential from their automation investment by rapidly identifying and automating critical business processes with an evolving set of Al technologies.

What is Hyperautomation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) has been proven to help companies achieve innovation at scale. Hyperautomation provides a high-speed path to digitally transforming business by automating much more complex work that relies on advance technologies.

According to Gartner, Hyperautomation is an approach that enables organizations to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many processes as possible using technology, such as robotic process automation (RPA), low-code application platforms (LCAP), process Mining, iBPMS, iPaaS, digital signature, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual assistants. Hyperautomation journey begins with bringing together different automation components such as RPA, iPaaS, AI to solve complex automation challenges across organizations and industries.

Hyperautomation Journey

TeBS Competency in Hyperautomation

We assist enterprises in achieving scaled innovation while also accelerating the return on their technology investments in platforms and automation solutions.

Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Requirements scoping
  • Solution architecture and framework
  • Selection of right tool/platform
  • Process discovery
  • Business case development
  • Compliance and governance models

Implementation Services

  • Automation script and workflow development
  • Bot training
  • Testing and quality check (QC)
  • Deployment model
  • Project and resource management
  • Exception management and case development
  • Compliance and governance models
  • Automation center of excellence (CoE)

Support Services

  • Software bot maintenance
  • Continuous feedback and improvement
  • Product support
  • Monitoring Health check
  • Version management
  • License management
  • Issue resolution
  • Upgrades

Hyperautomation Expertise

TeBS mainly describes Hyperautomation as a progressive digital transformation program with a comprehensive functional framework and roadmap integrating key elements like governance, risk management, operationalization, and people management along with security and compliance requirements that ensure accurate adoption, the achievement of desired business objectives, and the highest level of value for our clients.

Hyperautomation Solutions

We provide more than 100 solution accelerators, which include reusable assets, components, and frameworks. These accelerators help businesses create speedy minimum viable products (MVP) and drastically reduce implementation times.


TeBS assists businesses in changing their operational environment by combining RPA and intelligent automation to go beyond conventional rule-based automation. Our automation solutions include the creation of a Center of Excellence, idea to implementation, installation, support, and maintenance.

Enterprise AI

Enterprise AI assists enterprises in preparing their data, building and testing machine learning models, and deploying and monitoring such models for strategic decision-making.

Workload Automation

TeBS’ workload automation lets you orchestrate and automate your IT processes across hybrid environments improving the efficiency of your processes saving time and money, and freeing up the team to focus on more strategic initiatives leading to increased productivity.


By integrating people, systems, and data in an effortless manner, we work with our customers to develop specialized BPA solutions that make use of cutting-edge low-code automation technologies.

Process Mining

The service assists organizations in achieving excellence in their everyday operations through process discovery, mapping, analysis, and optimization.


TeBS employs iPaaS, a collection of cloud services that enable the creation, operation, and management of integration flow that connects any combination of on-premises and cloud-based processes and applications, along with data both inside and between organizations.


TeBS provides a variety of services and technologies, from facilitating data science workflows to upgrading applications to assist businesses in developing intelligent solutions leveraging machine and deep learning.

Digital Signature

An effective, all-in-one cloud-based service that provides a true end-to-end signature experience while reducing costs, hardware maintenance, and internal knowledge is produced by using digital / eSignature solutions.

Intelligent Virtual

TeBS’ IVA services leverage Conversational AI to handle real business issues, building a more dependable and long-lasting relationship between companies and their clients.

Industry Recognition

Gartner and Forrester have given TeBS worldwide recognition for its RPA and Hyperautomation solutions. These honors provide us great joy and, in our opinion, show our dedication to aiding our customers’ digital transformation goals through intelligent automation.

Industry Recognition

Gartner and Forrester have given TeBS worldwide recognition for its RPA and Hyperautomation solutions. These honors provide us great joy and, in our opinion, show our dedication to aiding our customers’ digital transformation goals through intelligent automation.

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