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Connecting Information to Insights on Integration Expertise

Increased operational costs and expenditures will have a negative impact on productivity growth and organizational success. As a result, it is critical to collect data and information from various sources and make it available to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time via the appropriate channels.

We at TeBS empower businesses to make better decisions while giving a boost to their agility. Our dedicated services provide customers with real-time data access alongside relevant business insights that are crucial for expanding the business.

What is Enterprise Integration?

Bring all the different applications in one place and create an integrated enterprise with increased agility.

Thanks to the plethora of software solutions and tools available today, most businesses are able to manage their operations seamlessly. Companies need to manage their apps and data right away if they want to be more nimble. By linking cloud, on-premises databases and ERP, legacy applications, and other systems in a secure environment, business integration services may aid in the development of a connected business, increasing size and profitability while automating processes.

The term “integration platform as a service,” or “iPaaS,” is a platform that combines process automation, managing APIs, classifying and preparing data, and master data management into a single, scalable cloud-based solution. IPaaS has a lot of advantages in terms of cost and installation time.

TeBS Competency in Enterprise Integration

Numerous multinational companies have used cutting-edge integration solutions to boost their agility thanks to our knowledge of enterprise integration.

Data Integration

To ensure that your data streams are seamlessly integrated and prepared for reporting and analysis, we provide data integration services. By providing cutting-edge data integration solutions as well as specialized solutions to handle data from apps, databases, data warehouses, and digital channels, we help our clients become contemporary organizations.

Low Code Integration

To develop integrations faster than with traditional integration platforms, we employ industry-leading low-code/no-code platforms. Our integration professionals can help you integrate low-code platforms into your existing ecosystem so you can benefit from low-code solutions for collaboration and usability.

Platform as a Service

Through Azure Logic Apps, a top integration platform as a service built on a containerized runtime, we can assist in the development of strong integration solutions for important enterprise scenarios. Our Azure professionals can assist with all aspects of cloud development and deployment with Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, including simple cloud-based apps and sophisticated enterprise cloud applications.

API Integration

You can integrate a third-party API into your product or design a trustworthy bespoke API for your solution using our reliable API development and third-party API integration services. In order to ensure seamless integration between their various systems and apps, we offer end-to-end API integration services to our clients. This enables them to drastically cut the time and overall cost associated with developing applications.

Embedded Integration

Without writing a single line of code, you can integrate bespoke integrations into your solution by utilizing market-leading technologies and 1000+ SaaS apps, databases, AI services, APIs, and more.

Using pre-built connections on an integrated integration platform like Workato, we help clients easily locate the apps they wish to connect to and build automation across these relationships.

Hybrid Environment Integration

By leveraging a hybrid integration environment, connecting different components of data and application becomes even more seamless. Our cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premise data integration services let companies deploy new cloud-based apps while still maintaining compatibility with their current on-premises applications.

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