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Let Business Rules Management Drive Agile Ops

Build agility in your organization by implementing complex business rules and delivering high-performance processes and operations. Our powerful and accurate Business Rules Engine helps you design, validate and run complex rules that manage your business operations and functions helping you keep pace with the changing needs of your business.  TeBS’s expertise in business rule management helps to automate your processes and drive accuracy and efficiency with business rule engine management.

What is Business Rules Management System?

A business rules management system gives businesses the ability to precisely create and manage the rules controlling various business processes, guiding the system’s decision-making to decide what actions are permitted in any given situation. It is a type of software that facilitates decision-making and business process automation throughout an organization’s operational activities. Business rules and decision logic are typically developed, implemented, and managed using the application.


Business rules are centrally managed, thus minimizing chances of errors. Deployed across all applications and operational processes.


High levels of responsiveness due to it being a single-point-of-truth. Changes in business conditions are immediately reflected in system, allowing for quick response.


Securely extend existing rules and programs to mobile apps and devices.Business rules management system give high performance along with scalability.


A one-stop platform improves how people interact with processes through collaboration and task management.


Changes to business rule models are documented as well as the execution of the rules in day-to-day operations. This ensures audit-proof traceability.


By reducing coordination loops between business and IT, business rules management ensures high efficiency and optimum use of resources.

Deploy and Execute quickly with TeBS RE

At TeBS, we offer comprehensive decision-management platforms that enable organizations to create, manage, and implement scalable business rules across the enterprise. We partner with customers and assist them in defining clear business rules which helps them to analyze, intelligently automate and govern business processes with ease in today’s complex computing environments.

We have developed our in-house product for business rule management called TeBS RE. The TeBS Business rule engine helps to automate business processes and has been configured with set business terms and logic-based BREs that work based on preset conditions to drive automated decision-making.

TeBS Rule engine is being extensively used by our customers across sectors as it comes configured with simple workflows, automation components, and controls for better compliance. TeBS RE capabilities and features include :

Alerts & Notifications

TeBS RE’s ability to automatically initiate alerts and notifications is dependent on the rules engine’s definition of business rules. When a certain threshold is met or when business exceptions occur, the alerts are triggered. Following the alert, messages about the necessary actions are sent to the selected recipients.


You can set up customized and pre-defined rules while using workflows for prompt processes. Whenever the event is triggered, automated workflows will be initiated, with respective communication being sent out. This also makes room for more agility where customers receive timely alerts.

Custom Fields Set Up

Custom field setup and settings do away with the need for re-coding, making the process more dynamic and effective. It may be extended with a number of categories and custom fields to gather more data about consumers and aid in decision-making.

Data Integration

We link the TeBS Rule engine with our other systems at the backend to view the data as a whole. This eliminates the need for duplicate development and configuration effort.

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