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The entire business landscape is undergoing a seismic shift in the ever-evolving current pandemic situation. Globally, the way we are operating our business across operations, sales, marketing, customer service has changed drastically. The virtual environment has become the norm and enterprises have been forced to adopt digital methods to run their business.

Sales organizations are getting used to doing business virtually and are trying hard to deliver to their customers’ expectations who are demanding a better experience while interacting digitally.

Enterprises have also come to realize now, that with digital adoption, there is a vast opportunity to increase sales and improve customer outreach by digitizing their entire sales organization and enhancing its overall efficiency.

Dynamics 365 enables enterprises with a powerful platform to navigate better in this dynamic business environment. Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales empower sales teams to sell digitally and make the sales organization agile and resilient.

Dynamics 365 Sales helps in driving sales success

Dynamics 365 for Sales is one of the most powerful applications within Microsoft 365. It empowers the sales team to initiate digital selling and aligns the sales team to perform better by connecting buyers, sellers, and sales processes and helping to build a meaningful relationship with their customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales is an intelligent digital cloud-based CRM solution with powerful capabilities which can help you to:

  • Gain visibility of your entire sales pipeline through a single intuitive workspace to keep track of accounts, contacts, and manage the entire sales process from lead to order. You can track all your teams’ activities for a particular customer or opportunity in one centralized place


  • Shorten your sales cycle by using AI-powered data-driven insights to select the right customers to engage to maximize productivity. You can streamline selling across multiple channels by communicating with customers using phone dialers, e-mail templates, etc.

  • Build and engage with the right prospects and transform relationship selling by getting contextual insights from LinkedIn sales navigator as part of the unified experience within Dynamics 365. It enables you to find new prospects and buyers through recommended leads, mutual connections and give insights on leads, opportunities, etc.

  • Seamlessly integrates with office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, outlook which enables team members to automatically track sales activities like (meetings status, appointments fixed, schedule tasks, etc.) helping them to be aligned within the team and increase productivity. With its mobile interface, it helps teams to stay on top of their accounts with enhanced search options and push notifications


  • Gain real-time visibility into sales performance with intuitive and interactive dashboards and enhanced reporting which helps to derive data-driven insights to find bottlenecks. It also has enhanced features like built-in AI to enhance forecast accuracy.

Dynamics 365 Sales Use cases

# Digitize sales process to increase sales 

Our customer is a leading power generation company and a key provider of energy solutions, multi-utilities, and environmental services. They wanted to streamline their sales processes to anticipate the customer’s energy needs and preferences to sell effectively.

Their sales team was finding it difficult to retrieve all their customer data as it was spread across disparate systems which was a huge impediment in getting a complete view of the customer. They wanted to sell more by deriving more insights from their customer data on metrics like customer billing cycle, transaction history, buying pattern, etc.

We closely analyzed the requirements and provided a solution built on Dynamics 365  encompassing sales, marketing, and customer service. We implemented Dynamics 365 sales which provided comprehensive unified customer profiles helping them to sell effectively. We built a CRM and a portal for their direct customers well as for their dealers who sell to their end customers. The portal helped the sales teams to provide better customer service and propose the right solution based on their purchase history and preferences, thereby significantly shortening sales cycles.

#Connected CRM to enhance sales productivity

Our customer is a leading business and technology services provider in Asia and helps their customer with board solutions, identity solutions, and system integration. To strengthen their customer relationship and grow sales, they were looking to automate their entire sales process, which could provide a 360-degree view of sales opportunities, lead pipeline, sales quotation, and forecast. They were looking to streamline their sales follow-up and tracking process with automated workflows.

TeBS team implemented Microsoft Dynamic 365 Sales module and successfully integrated it with Navision and SharePoint. The solution helped them to effectively manage and connect their business processes in a single system. They could easily generate reports and access dashboards to get real-time visibility of lead status.

Dynamics 365 sales module provided a comprehensive view of their sales business with data-driven insights into sales cycle & risk Analysis​, opportunity tracking, predict revenue with comprehensive sales forecasting.

How can we help

We are a trusted Microsoft Gold partner and help our customers in their digital transformation journey. We are one of the leading Microsoft partners in this region and have more than a decade of experience in implementing Microsoft solutions.

We are one of the most recognized and awarded Microsoft partners in Singapore and have won the award for Business applications- Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. We bring deep techno-functional expertise and have dedicated Microsoft experts who have successfully implemented projects across multiple industry verticals

We are specialists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service, Field Service, and Marketing. We can help you in your digital transformation journey by combining Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform with our custom solutions.

.If you’d like to have an initial discussion around Dynamics 365 platform and how it can enhance and streamline your business, get in touch with us or drop us a mail at



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