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Today organizations need a record management strategy that can ensure compliance with external regulations and internal policies by managing the retention and disposition of content. An e-registry system like RecordSenz enhances corporate accountability, ensures regulatory compliance and minimizes risks.

RecordSenz is a SharePoint based digital records management system that manages electronic documents and records from their creation, usage, storage, and maintenance to eventual destruction or permanent preservation while retaining integrity, authenticity and accessibility of corporate records. At TeBS, we help to provide a structured and transparent way to maintain records from creation through to eventual disposition through our record management software – RecordSenz.

Key Benefits of RecordSenz

Record management solutions empower customers with the ability to meet government regulation and compliance requirements at a minimal cost and give ease of sharing documents in a secure environment. RecordSenz is being used by organisations across industry sectors to seamlessly manage their organization’s records with secured access, governance and security controls.

Records Management

Comprehensive end-to-end Record Lifecycle Management from creation to disposition.

Security & Access Management

Better accountability by maintaining the authenticity, reliability, and integrity of records.

Information Lifecycle Management

Fast and easy access to information for better decision-making with document archiving and retention features.

Centralized Secure Repository

Integrated with SharePoint Access Management with outlook plugin for quick record filling and a central secure place for all records.

Automated Workflows

Automation of entire record management process with workflows for document routing and archival.

Regulatory Compliance

Collaboration across departments while ensuring compliance and reducing risk with record level access control.

Focused Information Architecture

Enhanced & intuitive mobile responsive UI for better usability, with pre-set alerts and notifications.

Intuitive Reports & Dashboards

Gain 360-degree visibility of documents and records with intuitive dashboards and reports like audit report, file classification report, file type report, archival report etc.

RecordSenz Competency

Enhance collaboration with smart & simplified Record Management System

Centralized Location to Keep & Manage all Records

Businesses can leverage advanced capabilities that make room for effortless collaboration.

  • Digital Unified Record System
    Keep records in one centralized place with easy retrieval.
  • Multi Channel Record Filling
    Modern and easy way allows record filling from various channels.
  • Customizable File Plans
    Streamlined file structure with pre-defined file plans & templates.

Advanced Capabilities For Seamless Collaboration

Businesses can leverage advanced capabilities that make room for effortless collaboration.

  • Advanced Search & Reporting Capabilities
    Advanced artificial intelligence voice enabled conversational bot to easily search and retrieve documents.
  • Computer Vision Enabled Engine
    Easily tag imaged based documents appropriately.
  • Machine Learning Based Auto Tagging
    to ensure better compliance and security.
  • Search Index & Advance Filter
    Ability to filter /records/Inbox notifications/file plan using Search and Advanced Search buttons.

Automated Workflows For Easy Record Archival & Retention

Put your workflows on auto-pilot mode and achieve seamless record tracking.

  • End-to-End Automation
    Intuitive and inbuilt Archival, Retention, Disposition and Destruction Mechanism with automated workflows for approval.
  • Easy to Set Workflows
    Easy-to-set, classify and modify rules, processes, user workflows, NAS workflows.
  • Automation Led Self Help
    Self-learning with easy to use features such as Drag & drop, Auto Tagging, Mass movement of folders etc.
  • Robust Integration
    Framework built on SharePoint and integrates seamlessly with MS Office enabling auto-extraction of embedded files within MS Office.

Governance, Security & Access Management

Get dedicated access management and control who can work on your records.

  • Security & Controlled Access
    Retain and secure integrity, authenticity and accessibility of corporate records with configurable and secured Access and Security Management.
  • Compliance Tracking & Version Control
    Promotes compliance tracking with effective compliant mechanism and Standards (NAS Compliant).
  • Enterprise Wide Security
    Robust security module with record level access control, integrated with SharePoint access management.
  • Governance
    Configurable file Plans provide flexibility over retention schedules for review, hold, transfer and archiving of records giving full governance control.

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