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Effective project tracking and monitoring help to align the team to collaborate better and be more productive. ProjectSenz is a collaborative project management software project tracking and monitoring tool built for executive managers. software managers, team members, and clients to have a single view of project schedules, health, risks, progress, and documents.

ProjetSenz is a powerful project monitoring software and project monitoring tools developed on Microsoft SharePoint productivity suite, which helps clients to capitalize on the “Always-on, Access Anytime Anywhere model”. We at TeBS have helped customers to implement Microsoft projects to monitor & derive insights on various stages of project progress. Our solution helps to give a high-level perspective across all project portfolios & business units within the organization.

Key Benefits of ProjectSenz

ProjectSenz helps to monitor progress in real-time across all projects by helping
you effectively track every phase of the project life cycle.


ProjectSenz is simple and easy to use, and lets you quickly import & organize ongoing projects for a full status view.


Manage projects of any size with interactive gantt charts, resource management, automated workflows, file sharing, and more.


Collaborate and work together with your team members to plan, track, and manage projects all in one place.

Track Progress

Get real-time status updates, run reports, and more. You know what’s going on and can solve small issues before they become big problems.

Stay On Schedule

Map out goals and prioritize tasks. You get projects off the ground faster and meet deadlines without scrambling at the last minute.

Streamline Communication

Keep conversations with teammates, clients, and vendors in one place, and keep everyone on the same page.

Maximize Your Investment From Microsoft Ecosystem

Use Microsoft Project and Teams to collaborate and manage projects with pre-built templates, including file sharing, chats, meetings, and more.

ProjectSenz Competency

Use ProjectSenz, a project management program, to track and monitor your
project or a portfolio of projects.

Unified-360 Degree View

  • All project status in one place
  • Easy to plan, track and organize projects from start to finish
  • Project progress monitoring and tracking dashboards for a unified view

Centralized Project Communications

  • Collaborate with all project stakeholders and project team members through a centralized workspace
  • Streamline teamwork by leveraging collaboration features that make it easy to work cohesively on any type of project
  • Project calendar helps identify and manage key milestones along with risk and Issue logs

Budget Tracking

  • Manage all budget related information centrally
  • Flexibility to make budget configuration list with various filter ranges options for project owners to select
  • Users can select multiple ranges to filter the projects by total committed budget value, total spent value vs the planned budget and the budget variance

Project Status Dashboards

  • Customized dashboards giving detailed visualization of all projects, programs, and portfolios from a singular portal
  • Create portfolio dashboard to track no of programs and projects, under the current portfolio
  • Create project dashboard for entire project information like Budget (CAPEX and OPEX), major tasks, milestones, IRAD, and schedule under the current project monitoring tools

Resource Management

  • Manage and resolve all projects resources, risks and milestones easily
  • Keep track of project documents, planner, registers, milestones etc. Centrally remove silo information with individual resources
  • Users can effectively track list of tasks, task owner, task status, task start date, and task finish date under the project monitoring tools

Scalable and Flexible Design

  • Easy to integrate with external & internal systems
  • Simple workflow to set up project & task management with collaborative and reporting features
  • Product based approach ensures fast deployment with minimal Coding

Mobile Access

  • Mobile responsive design for access to project updates anytime anywhere
  • Mobile view offers easy to use navigation filters for tracking project status and timelines
  • Mobile access gives high-level view of every task/project within the workspace with the flexibility to drill-down for details

Notifications & Alerts

  • Instant notification on updates, requests and approvals
  • Set up alerts to inform project stakeholders to stay on track to hit project milestones
  • Set up project indicators to track the progress and delays

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