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Reimagine your workplace and transform into a modern enterprise with IntraSenz. IntraSenz combines the power of modern employee collaboration technology to facilitate better communication & knowledge sharing among team members for enhanced employee. Create an engaging digital workplace environment and empower employees to share content and knowledge in a single platform with multichannel tools to enhance business communication.

IntraSenz Employee Workplace Experience

Transform your team’s collaboration by using IntraSenz

Improve Employee Communication

Reach every employee through a single platform to content and bring people together to create rich personalized connected experiences.

Intelligent Content

An interactive intranet software with built in automation capabilities to streamline sharing of document, task updates with a management hub.

Create Inclusive Workspace

Inspire conversations across teams and departments through social engagement and to enhance employee engagement and create a culture of inclusivity.

IntraSenz Interactive Intranet Platform Competency

Promoting workplace connectedness & a great employee experience


Align and communicate with an all in one intranet solution with customizable dashboards to reach and engage employees

Dynamic Feed

Smart Feed to keep everyone updated current on critical announcements, featured media galleries and more.

Interactive Carousel

Rotating banners on Intranets s homepage to showcase latest stories, important information, with user friendly images and description.

Built In Newsletters

Communicate effectively with embedded newsletter for news, milestones, customer testimonials, and more.

Unified Notifications

Easy access to employees for tracking and task status in place related to HR and finance.

Media Galleries

Upload videos, photos from employee groups and give simplified and responsive view for media gallery for Images, Videos, Audios and Documents.


Information together in a central knowledge hub to keep collaboration fast and frictionless


Publish dynamic content, with and organize pages with subscribe employees for their

Document Management

Use advanced search and filter option to find and view any allow sorting and pagination and is enabled with auto tagging, document classification, extraction and clustering

Access Management

Easily manage roles and user permissions to define user rights and access controls based on and governance

Knowledge Management

Easy file sharing among departments/groups with option to share, preview, download, comment and follow. Quick links to add, showcase and organize all important links at one place

Intelligent Search

Instantly find people, content, with smart search options and results based on your specific


Increase employee productivity and boost engagement with inbuilt rich and modern gamification features


Create group chats for work related topics which employees can join based on their interests

Polls & Survey

Distribute polls and surveys to departments to prompt answers and feedback.

Discussion Forums

Engage and encourage employee to have discussions and healthy greements/disagreements with focused discussion Forums/groups

Social Media Integrations

Encourage participation with social media feed and content by integrating the social media platform links on the intranet


Incentivize engagement through badges, points, activities and track employee engagement and analyze user interactions to drive higher


Easily deploy, integrate with other apps, administer, monitor, and optimize your intranet for enhanced productivity

Integrate With Apps

IntraSenz can seamlessly integrate Teams, Outlook & Viva for Task Monitoring & Notifications, Information Sharing, Approval Process and much more

Security and Compliance

Integrated with industry standard identity and access management like Active Directory for Secure authentication and is enabled with Single Sign on (SSO) for employees

Automated Workflows

Advanced and powerful workflows for approval and other automated process interactions to drive higher


Access to advanced features like adoption metrics to analyze and understand the level of participation, engagement and feedback to improve the intranet content for better retention

Tiered Retrieval Architecture

Create multiple level global navigation architecture for easier access and information to arrange the detailed information architecture based on hierarchy across various team, division, department, region and countries

IntraSenz Intranet Platform Powered by Business Productivity Apps

IntraSenz helps to bring efficiency in your organization and increases business productivity by enabling easy accessibility of information within organization. Through a combination of modern digital tools, and integrated workplace productivity apps, IntraSenz enables organizations with what they need to drive collaboration, engagement, and productivity among its employees.

Resource/Room Booking

Easily book, reserve, cancel or sign up for waitlist for employee meeting Rooms and other standard equipments.

Project Management

Effectively monitor and track on-going projects, estimate project costs, risks, timelines, resources, tasks, activities and much more.

Travel Request Management

Approve travel requests and process expense reports with workflows, pre-travel and post-travel expenses, travel plans and expenses.

Timesheet Management

Simplify timesheet management with features to track resources utilization and billing with timesheet approvals. Get customized real-time dashboards, for timesheet reports.

Claims Management

Manage online claims and approvals, receipt upload, reimbursement management, workflow management and much more with claims management app.


Streamline purchasing requisition and purchase order and tracking processes even for small value purchases with the e-procurement app.

IntraSenz – Intranet Platform Built on Microsoft SharePoint

Redefine your employee experience with IntraSenz – an intelligent intranet solution built on Microsoft SharePoint to empower teamwork and easily collaborate across the organization.

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