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Digital disruption and evolving customer expectations for personalized services are making it increasingly difficult for professional training institutes and training providers to achieve optimal business performance. Training Business Software solution can help businesses to achieve better operational efficiency by streamlining business operations. EduSenz is a powerful Training Management Solution (TMS) being used by training providers and professional training and learning Institutes to digitize their operations and be competitive in the digital era.

EduSenz empowers training providers to manage their entire training business from a single central hub and helps to ease the complexity of managing back-office training business operations. Designed for educational institutes facilitating seamless communication between staff and students through an interactive digital platform. EduSenz offers course and fee management, simplified faculty management, interactive portals, document repository along with reports and dashboards.

By enabling training providers to oversee their whole training business from a single central location, EduSenz lessens the complexity of back-office training firm operations. An interactive digital platform was created for educational institutions to enable simple communication between staff and students.

EduSenz – Integrated Training Management System

Digitize your training business operations with EduSenz.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

EduSenz helps to streamline and automate the back-office training processes to manage, track, and sell training courses with ease, thereby saving significant productive time of employees to focus on value added tasks.

Intelligent Content

Training and course management can be easily managed through a centralized platform giving users the flexibility to easily search online and explore different courses, interact with AI driven bots who can assist with personalized suggestion on product offerings and specific queries.

Accelerate Business Growth

EduSenz takes care of the entire core operations from course management to trainer management, events and marketing to payment and invoicing – giving you 360-degree view of your business and data driven insights to expand your business.

EduSenz Competency – Build to Digitally Transform Training Institute

EduSenz – A powerful Student Management System helping create an engaging learning experience through a training management system

Efficient Course Management

Aids in the management of the whole course, including enrollment, attendance, and evaluation.

Participant Management

Easily manage all participant registration and disseminate information regarding course schedules in seconds to all your trainees, and track course completions.

Classroom Management

Manage all aspects of your classroom and courses centrally like booking instructors and venues, scheduling dates, fee management, attendance management and more.

Course Management

Manage all your courses through a central hub and automate administration related tasks helping to reduce dependency of manual tasks to enhance efficiency.

Faculty Management

Streamline communication with faculty/trainers and share online information regarding class schedules, venue booking and monitor session occupancy to optimize every course.

Seamless Collaboration Across All Stakeholders

To boost output and promote corporate growth, collaborate with other departments and the larger ecosystem.

Events & Marketing

Run outreach campaigns through e-mail marketing and events to reach potential students and alumni to promote courses and special offers.

Affiliate Management

Collaborate with affiliates through industry interaction and involve them in marketing activities and events, and proactively invite delegated through personalized e-mail invitation.

Grant Distribution

Effectively optimize the process for grant administration for training Institutes and export the data from the gateway for them to see status of their claim submissions.

Resource Management

Manage the repository of all administrative documents, updated across all touchpoints of the training business to effectively manage all resources.

Automation & Performance Tracking

Increase operational efficiency by automating procedures and tracking organizational achievement using dashboards and analytics.

Automated Operations

Automate core business processes like end-to-end course enrollment, class scheduling, calendar management and other workflow driven processes for maximizing productivity.


Easily connect to tools and systems across your IT ecosystem like payroll and accounting systems to minimize double data entry and easily track invoices and payments.

Feedback/Survey Management

Conduct feedback and surveys with simple, easy to use tools to collect accurate data from students, trainers, alumni and analyze them for corrective actions.

Reports & Analytics

Analyze data to derive business insights on course enrollment, revenue generated, trainee attendance, undersubscribed course and more to take data driven decision for enhancing efficiency.

EduSenz Benefits

Helping training institutes to digitize their operations to enhance productivity

Single Source of Truth

Greater visibility to operations with a single portal to get a 360-degree view of students, trainers and alumni.

Ease of Access

Enable users with a simple, mobile enabled self- service website/portal to access all features.

Intelligent Collaboration

Seamless collaboration across HR, finance, procurement with enhanced automation led by AI bots.

SaaS Enabled

Fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) and built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online – hosted on Microsoft Cloud.


Lesser cost of ownership with access to pre-built templates for roll out, low code configuration and fewer customizations.

Scalable & Secured

Ready to deploy solution, scalable, easy to maintain, highly secured, and fully compliant (MTCS certified).

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with collaboration intranet portal, Microsoft Office 365 email and outlook calendar to enhance productivity.

Integration With Skills Future SG

Compliant with Singapore’s SSG systems with TP Gateway (TPG) integration.

Easy Data Access

Integrates with document management system and other backend application where connectors are readily available.

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