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Digital transformation for Non-Profit enterprises isn’t just about modernizing your current technology infrastructure. It’s a way of seamlessly connecting donors, volunteers, and technology to increase your productivity, innovate to serve more people, and achieve a high level of operational efficiency. At TeBS, we passionately believe in enhancing the impact nonprofits make in the lives of the communities they serve. We help Nonprofits to leverage technology to transform into a DIGITAL NPO through our leading product – CareSenz.

CareSenz is a comprehensive digital platform that gives you powerful, intelligent tools to effectively handle fundraising, donation & volunteer management, community engagement, and much more to maximize your outreach and build deeper relationships with stakeholders to provide personalized services. CareSenz is being widely used in Asia across different segments within NPOs like – eldercare services, nursing care centers, counselling services, mental health organizations, specialized therapy services, and many more.

CareSenz– Empowering the
Non-profits to Become Digital

Our Cloud app development Singapore services help to modernize and transform your application landscape, to fuel digital transformation through innovative use of technology. Our capabilities cover the entire range from Azure application development to data management, application modernization to quality engineering and beyond.

Amplify Community Engagement

Leverage CareSenz to build, and grow your reach by effectively managing events, and drive community engagement through AI-driven insights to provide personalized member service.

Mange Donors and Fundraising

Increase fundraising effectiveness and track donor engagement history and activities through real time dashboards & derive insights on donor’s activities, profile and interactions across multiple channels.

Automate Operations

Automate workflows and processes and reduce dependency on routine manual admin based tasks and use the saved productive hours to deliver customized member services to create engaging community experiences.

CareSenz Features & Capabilities –Transforming the NPO Landscape

Helping you connect and enrich your community reach to achieve better business outcomes

Fundraising & Donor Management

Helps with end-to -end donor cycle management, facilitates tracking and managing donors across multiple channel interactions for an engaging experience.

Donor Tracking

Track donor engagement history to understand their interactions across multiple channels and tailor make campaigns to engage, grow and retain your donor base.

Donor Self-Service Portal

Simple and easy to use dedicated self-registration portal for donors which makes it easy to scan all donor profile, filter donations using criteria like total donations, donations with tax exemption and much more.

Smart Fundraising Campaigns

Engage donors with tailored email fundraising campaigns and create custom alerts & notifications for new donor activity and subsequent follow-up.

Donor Administration

Easily perform and record administrative tasks like – online -offline donations for individuals/ corporates/anonymous, recurring/pledge donations, sending auto notifications to donors, generating receipts for donations received.

Volunteer /Member Management

Complete volunteer /member management to easily integrate the volunteer/client records centrally in one place, track renewal status, payments, and processing in one place, so you can effectively manage your client / membership program.

Volunteer Administration

Capture the volunteer profile details on the website /portal and track their skills, availability, and interests so you can assign and schedule tasks for them.

Volunteer Scheduling & Rostering

Effective resource utilization as the system auto suggests volunteers based on availability, skill & location for deployment . Easy option for real-time opportunity broadcast to volunteers for ad-hoc deployments.

Contact Management

Centrally align and connect all your member contacts in one place to get a unified picture of their engagement history and nature of relationship with your nonprofit.

Volunteer Recruitment Management

End- to-end volunteer recruitment lifecycle management with volunteer registration, volunteer application approvals, volunteer classification/categorization/grouping based on skills and availability.

Case /Counselling Management

Effectively track detailed information about each client and monitor case lifecycles to provide optimum personalized care. Manage the entire spectrum of case management from case creation to counselling sessions.

Case Management Across NPO Sectors

Complete case management solution to suit specific NPO needs across sectors like – elder care services, nursing care centers, counselling services, mental health organizations, specialized therapy service and many more.

Case Counselling Administration

Define and track specific action plans for each case with milestones and deadlines. Tag case workers, volunteer and beneficiary to case counselling session scheduling for volunteers.

Client Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire case management lifecycle from case creation to counselling session and closure. Manage and track client cases from initial onboarding processes through needs assessment, service delivery, discharge, and final outcome reporting.

Self-service Case Portal

A customized self-service case management portal to – update cases, do calendar management, send notifications and reminders, perform admin tasks like case document download/upload and prepare adhoc reports to measure outcome.

Centre Management

Streamline and manage day-to-day workflow for staffs and visitors at the facility center. A center management portal for staff and visitors to do the registrations, check in/out and view their scheduled task for the day.

Centre Management Administrator

Manage staff and volunteer profiles, documents, and time sheet – all in one place. Streamline operations with onboarding checklist, staff daily movement and duties, leave application logs, day to day shift handover, inventory management and more.

Easy Onboarding

Streamline and standardize the employee/staff onboarding process by setting up processes for new volunteers and employees to register and log their activities and tasks.

Centre Management Self-Portal

A employee self-service portal for uploading documents and managing staff/visitor registrations and bookings, staff/visitor check in/ update, view scheduled tasks, employee leave records.

Event Scheduling

Easily plan and manage online and offline events, track time off requests by volunteers by accessing a centralized calendar to see everything at one glance.

Event /Marketing Management

Take care of the whole event lifecycle of your online and offline events from ideation to final execution. Automated event platform makes event planning faster and more efficient for the whole team.

Event Management

Manage both online and offline events in all formats like – webinars, forums, workshops to engage with stakeholders with our automated platform making event planning and execution simpler and cost effective.

Social Media Integration

Push your events to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages to boost exposure and attendance. Organize events for your community and integrate them to your calendar for easy access.

Marketing Campaigns

Centralize communication with your members and community stakeholders with targeted e-mail campaigns. Send automatic personalized newsletters and event update news to all database.

Payment & Invoicing

Process all payments and invoices through a centralized platform aggregated in in one place. Stay well informed on all your online and offline revenue streams with automated tracking, analytics, and reports.

CareSenz – Built on Strong Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

CareSenz comes equipped with powerful capabilities and features helping the non-profit market to create significant social impact through the power of technology. CareSenz is on Office 365, Dynamics 365 CRM, Power BI, and Azure Cognitive platform. It is available anytime, anywhere as a mobile app and on an online portal. It also has chatbots (MS Bot technology) to reduce the cost of customer engagement and interaction.

Single Sign On

CareSenz provides NPO users with one integrated system and a single source of truth to avoid multiple data sources.

Modular Components

As CareSenz is leveraging on the Azure Platform, we can easily plug in new components from the Azure stack as new features are implemented in your NPO.


CareSenz’s 360-degree view of members, donors and volunteers encourages a collaborative environment within NPOs.

Scalable & Configurable

Regardless of the size or requirements of your non-profit, CareSenz has a solution for you!

Quick Deployment & Easy Maintenance

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform, CareSenz can be deployed and maintained with no issues.

In-build Analytics & Insights

In-built analytics & insights analyze the performance of your most recent fundraising event and gather useful insights on how you can market the fundraiser to the public.

Pay-as-you-use Model

Our pay-as-you-use model advantages non-profit organizations so that they do not feel the pinch while on the journey of achieving their goals.

Extended Solution

CareSenz offers extended solutions for organizations in the following sectors: Education, Healthcare, Child Care, Social Care.

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