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The digital revolution has taken the education sector by storm and organizations and institutions are increasingly becoming aware of the urgency and power of digital transformation. There is a wide untapped opportunity to maximize efficiency, collaboration and reduce cost and errors in operations. 

But when institutes think about building academic enterprises, they tend to overlook critical aspects of enabling transformations for back-office administrative operations that support seamless and hassle free learning delivery and operational excellence. Hence educational institutes need to rethink the conventional learning approaches from the ground up and focus on a transformational rather than incremental impact. 

This can be achieved by intelligent systems that are helping educational organizations execute better and deliver superior outcomes through the use of AI based Hyper-personalisation.  

The key challenges with education is that people learn differently and at different pace. This is due to their differing levels of ability and aptitude. But this can be normalised to a great extent using learning and training platforms that offer something known as Hyper-personalised learning that help build tailor and personalize learning for each individual student.  

AI powered learning and training platforms such as Edusenz enable Hyper-personalization by offering Intelligent Conversational Assistants. These assistants can answer questions from students, provide assistance with learning or assignment tasks, and reinforce concepts with additional materials that can help reinforce the learnings.  

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 In addition to transforming learning, these intelligent assistants are also re-shaping the landscape for back-office administration tasks and activities. These include using intelligent assistants to help with budgeting, student applications and enrolment, course management, purchasing and procurement activities, expense management, and facilities management. Using intelligent AI-powered systems can greatly improve the efficiency of many educational institutions, lower their operating costs, give them greater visibility into income and expenses, and improve the overall responsiveness of the educational institutions. 

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