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TeBS enhances customer experience and productivity through smart mobile applications


Logistics and Carrier companies create shipment orders for customers and allocate containers to the orders. These companies contract a vast number of shipments per day for various customers. The operation starts with placing an order and culminates with the delivery of goods to the correct destination. There could be varying stages during the course of this operation depending on the type of shipment i.e. local or international.

The Need

A leading logistics company wanted a robust solution that could efficiently track and manage shipments and could easily be deployed, updated and managed. The consigner updates the status of the shipments (from pick-up to delivery) in their operation system. Another need that had to be addressed was whether the status of shipment was visible to the consignees (customers) and how they could track the consignment while on-the-move. TeBS was engaged to design and build this system and devise a roadmap for their future operations.

Features of the Shipment Tracking Mobile Application

The logistics industry is constantly on the move and thrives on mobility of people, goods and transport. TeBS brings digital transformation to all aspects of the Logistics industry with its best-of-the-breed Mobile Apps.

The TeBS mobility team worked very closely with the client and understood their business needs resulting in the design and delivery of a path-breaking solution. The “Shipment Tracking” application provides unique features that are focused on customers as the pivotal beneficiaries. The transporter updates the shipment status periodically in the system. Customers can access necessary information through the mobile application. The dashboard shows the shipment status and further details can be fetched upon selecting specific shipments.

The application can be integrated with core operation systems to retrieve necessary information and this data is presented on the mobile’s front end. The mobile application serves as a competitive advantage for companies that provide logistic operations.

Salient Features

1) Tracking – Overseas Shipment

2) Tracking – Local Shipment

3) Tracking – System Design

Here is a sneak-peak of the Shipment Tracking Mobile Application

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