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A platform for Creating User-Friendly Apps With Low-Code Functions

TeBS is a major Mendix software partner, and we can work together to expedite your digital transformation journey by leveraging the Mendix low-code platform, which is intended for speed, collaboration, and control – fundamentally reimagining how you develop and deploy apps. Mendix provides a low-code app development environment that makes it possible for business and IT to collaborate more closely on projects related to digital transformation.

Mendix technology makes it possible to design, test, and deploy apps for usage on any device or channel with little to no code. This implies that you can swiftly translate ideas into useful real-world digital business solutions. Additionally, you may develop intriguing and distinctive user experiences while routinely updating your processes to keep up with shifting client demands.

Low Code Platform – Mendix

We can assist in enhancing your company through low-code process automation, accelerating the lifecycle of delivering apps, and maximizing the return on your Mendix investment.

App Development

Using collaborative visual development enables everyone to build effective apps and encourages real-time interaction and co-creation between your business and IT teams. Developers of different skill levels can build solutions thanks to visual development. While Mendix Studio Pro enables professional developers to communicate, Mendix Studio is a platform designed for citizen developers.


It is necessary to develop the following amazing customer solution, such as customer portals and interfaces, Internet of Things (IoT)-connected applications, responsive web experiences, native mobile apps, or native mobile apps. The low-code platforms and development tools offered by Mendix enable technical and non-technical teams to work together quickly to produce multi-experience apps that enhance each user experience.

Workflow Automation

To deal with digitization, the firm is increasingly relying on low code. When you automate processes using Mendix, you get a fully built, scalable, and adaptable application rather than a single workflow to replace a specific phase in the process. Mendix’s complete application delivery platform includes data integration, application development, flexible cloud deployment, and multi-experience creation.


Mendix’s one-click deployment to public, private, and hybrid clouds streamlines multi-cloud management. Because Mendix is cloud Native out of the box, you can build cutting-edge microservice apps without having to hire a professional. Out of the box, Mendix apps are containerized, portable, scalable, and robust. You can spread out and grow to any size without needing to remodel.

TeBS & Mendix Partnership

TeBS is a Mendix partner, and with the help of our incredibly talented team of no-code and low-code developers, we can create and implement exceptional bespoke solutions for your company using Mendix. Before creating a solution architecture that produces the desired results, we could work together to identify and rank your demands.

Offer to consult services to help you integrate the Mendix platform into your current IT infrastructure easily.
Work with your team to envision, build, test, deploy, and upgrade digital solutions with Mendix.
To assist you in integrating the Mendix platform into your present IT architecture, provide advisory services.

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