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TeBS uses technology to simplify and optimize the way NPOs operate.


The project was for a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) that is at the forefront of the battle against heart diseases in Singapore. Since its inception, the NPO has worked towards promoting a healthy heart, preventing and reducing disability and deaths caused due to cardiovascular diseases. The foundation has grown into a reputed organization: locally and internationally.

The Need

The NPO was desirous of building a one-stop digital solution to manage not only Patients (Customers) but also its Donors and Volunteers. NPOs have moved from outdated and disengaged healthcare systems of the past to the digital care solution of the future, a one-stop NPO Management Tool.

Solution Provided

As the NPO’s value-added partner, TeBS undertook the responsibility of design, development, delivery and support of the system.

TeBS successfully deployed the following configurable modules on their systems:

  • Members (Patients) 360/ Patient Management
  • Donors & Donation Management
  • Events & Campaign Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Patient Booking and scheduling
  • Nutrition/Dietitian/ Physiotherapist Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sales System
  • Reports

Benefits of using our product for the NPO

  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft technologies, our product helps NPO users in using one integrated system and a single source of truth to avoid multiple data sources
  • The Inventory and POS system helps NPOs in managing the merchandising, stocks and sales process
  • 360 degree view of patients, members, donors and volunteers.

Benefits for Users:

  • Automated Skill based volunteer suggestions
  • Simplified channel connecting the NPO and its beneficiaries
  • Many Reusable Functions & Components
  • Scale-as-you-Grow

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