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Nobody knew how 2020 would begin. CoVID-19 has forced businesses to move onlinein the past six months alone is more than those in the last decade. Organizations were uncertain that this year would affect the economy as well as the movement of technology and new product improvements in various businesses.   

When we talk of strategic technology trends, we highlight those trends that are likely to drive significant disruption and opportunity over the next five to 10 years. In the coming years, IT leaders must decide what combination of these trends will drive the most innovation and strategy for their enterprises.  

Here are the potential technology trends for 2021, where TeBS can help you and your organization. 

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Distributed cloud is where cloud services are being distributed to different physical locations while the operation, governance and evolution remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider. 

Cloud Service and Storage solutions offer valuable IT solutions with various benefits such as cost savings along with simplified convenience and mobility opportunities. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the worlds’ most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud service provider that offers reliable, scalable and inexpensive cloud computing services to organizations of all sizes, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis.  

Also with Microsoft Azure and data migration, TeBS has expertise in Microsoft.NetSharePointOffice 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. TeBS is the first IT Vendor to be certified by Microsoft with Goldcompetency for delivering cloud based services on the Azure Platform. 

Read more about TeBS’ Microsoft and AWS Competency.  

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According to Gartner, Hyperautomation is a state in which organizations use a combination of AI and ML to rapidly identify and automate all possible business processes. It combines the right technologies in order to simplify, discover, automate, design, measure and manage business processes across the enterprises.  

Hyperautomation provides a high-speed path to entangle everyone in transforming business, automating more and more complex work that relies on knowledge inputs from people. 

Hyperautomation is the key to both digital operational excellence and operational resiliency for organizations. TeBS delivers Hyperautomation as a progressive Digital Transformation Program with a comprehensive Functional Framework and Roadmap encapsulating core components such as Governance, Risk Management, Operationalization, People Management and Change Management as well as Security and Compliance standards that ensure correct adoption, delivery of desired business outcomes and optimal value for our customers 

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Total Experience combines customer experience, employee experience, and user experience, aiming to improve the overall experience of business experience, where all these pieces range from technology to employees and customers and users.  

Mobility is beneficial for your business because it connects field force to enterprises for real time information exchange. It decreases the number of paper forms thereby increasing the productivity of employees and reducing the carbon footprint to a large extent. 

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A robust AI engineering strategy will facilitate the performance, scalability, interpretability and reliability of AI models while delivering the full value of AI investments. Without AI engineering, most organizations face issues with maintainability, scalability and governance, which make them a challenge for most organizations. 

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To take on the new cybersecurity challenges of this virtual work environment, organizations must understand the changes in their cyber security risk profile and resume their strategies, training and practice to reverse these changes.  

With TeBS’ Cybersecurity expertise, organizations get the ability to layer and harden security by encrypting email, blocking suspicious attachments, and protecting the company against data leaks, ensuring that no one is able to share sensitive information over email and restrict the copying and saving of business assets. 

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