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TeBS leverages functionalities of the Office 365 platform to build and offer a winning project management tool from both business and technology perspectives


Real-time progress needs to be tracked against milestones for a project to meet its goals and schedule. Project Management and Monitoring is about assessing what work has been completed for a Programme or Project including costs, risks and issues.

The Need

Today, organizations run and manage projects with several customers and project stakeholders spread across the globe. However, these global operations come with the challenges of distributed and time-consuming manual processes for project execution such as Change Request Management, Project Review and Acknowledgement, Cost Plan, Resource allocation, Budget Management etc.

Many organizations still painstakingly follow and deploy manual process for project management and collaboration, wherein Staff and Stakeholders are constrained to maintain and share Excel sheets to track on-going, suspended or completed project activities and other pertinent information. Another major drawback is lack of a collaborative environment that could keep staff and stakeholders abreast on project activities and development and provide them tools to communicate and consolidate critical information about on-going projects in real time.

Solution Provided

To overcome manual processes for project management and promote collaboration, TeBS has designed and developed the Project Management System (PMS): an “Easy-to-Use and Scalable” solution aimed at optimizing project management, improving key performance metrics and productivity, reducing Transaction and Approval errors and managing adherence to timelines.

The PMS is an Online Web based platform developed on Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite, which helps clients to capitalize on “Always-on, Access Anytime, Anywhere model”.

The PMS System is one of the most helpful tools that can assist project managers in being as effective as possible, regardless of the industry. It offers the following benefits.

  • Productivity: Comprehensive View on Various Project Status with 3-level Drill Down Interactive Dashboards
  • Efficiency Gains: Upto 90% improvement in Productivity
  • Prioritize objectives and set guidelines for project management
  • Automate Processes and Manage Project Activites using e-Forms and Workflows
  • Use checks-and-balances to ensure that the key business objectives are not missed or overlooked
  • Returns on Investment (ROI): Upto 140%
  • Cost Savings: Upto 65% cost savings vis-à-vis paper based processes

TeBS has leveraged the following functionalities of the Office 365 platform to build an all-encompassing one stop PMS solution that is Scalable and Future-Proof for the entire business.


  • Collaboration and communication Space: Office 365 Yammer
  • Project Sites: SharePoint Online
  • Drill Down Dashboards: Power BI
  • Document Storage and Retrieval: One Drive on Azure
  • Email communication: Exchange Online

The TeBS PMS tool also utilizes Nintex workflows and forms on Office 365 to provide instant notifications and approvals for project activities and updates

TeBS was named the APAC Winner in the 5th Annual Nintex Partner Awards on July 12, 2016, for offering this breakthrough solution on cloud!


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