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Features of the TeBS iCMS

Content Management System (CMS) is the backbone for a business to establish their digital presence and enables them to publish and maintain searchable digital content efficiently and with ease. CMS provides business users with the capability to take control of the content that gets published on various media. It provides a structured framework to manage content that can easily be modified and maintained.

We at TeBS, enable companies by providing them with the TeBS iCMS that covers end-to-end digital representation of a business on web and mobile. Our team has extensive experience in creating websites that are rich in user experience elements. Our solutions provide the freedom and flexibility to maintain digital content.

The iCMS comes with the following salient features that differentiates it from competitor’s products:

  1. Simplified and Light Weight web designing for people who are less tech-savvy
  2. Ease of editing and managing data/content
  3. Scalability
  4. Designer based CMS page creation and management
  5. Simple form builder
  6. Theme based (menu, title, body, comments, etc.)
  7. Manage Page templates and widgets
  8. Content editing and publication (drafts, scheduling, preview)
  9. Media management
  10. Users, roles, membership and profile data (Users/Roles/Permissions)
  11. Strong Access Control Layer (ACL)
  12. Blogging (create and manage blogs and posts)
    1. Comments – Associate comments with content types, manage comments, spam protection
    2. Tags – Associate tags with content types, browse by tag
    3. Settings – App-level, extension-level settings definition and UI management
  13. Enterprise Search Feature
  14. System Audit is captured for the all the transactions within the CMS
  15. Integration with other LOB Systems, Ready API/Webservices for Microsoft Technology.
  16. Azure Cloud Ready (Azure Blob Storage, Windows Azure Cache, etc.)

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