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TeBS simplifies Government Agency’s record filing process and streamlines Record Management Life cycle with the RecordSenz framework.


The client is one of the Government Agencies with unique goal of uplifting the community by giving hope to vulnerable groups and improving lives for all in Singapore.  It focuses on building an inclusive, resilient, and vibrant community through grants. 

The Need

The client needed a platform to enhance their end-to-end record filing operations and streamline processes by replacing the current legacy platform, which has many limitations.  The new system is aimed at simplifying the integration with NAS for data archiving, including complete automation of related processes. The client also needed multi-channel record filing which would help their staff and partners get on-boarded from various communication channels, seamlessly even with different modes of accesses. 

Solution Provided

TeBS proposed RecordSenz as a one stop solution which proved as a best fit for all the client’s requirements.  RecordSenz is a reusable, IP free, state-of-the-art framework developed by TeBS.  The solution is bundled with multi-channel easy record filing, configurable user action, customizable metadata and easy to manage fully controlled access management. It is hosted within the Government Private Cloud and is fully compliant with secure intranet access within the agency. 

Some of the features include:

  • Built on SharePoint 2019 and integrated with SharePoint Access Management 
  • Enhanced & intuitive UI 
  • Robust security module with record level access control  
  • Outlook Plugin for quick record filing  
  • Built in integration with third party systems for Workflow, OCR, Annotations etc. 
  • Records Acquisition, Retention & Disposition 
  • PDF A2U support  
  • NAS Integration 
  • Comprehensive Reports

Some of the third party Integrations include

Here is a sneak peak of RecordSenz:

Read more about RecordSenz.

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