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Businesses need to adapt and become digital to meet the needs of today’s fast-changing world. The changing dynamics of this digital world are reshaping the customer journey.

Customers are expecting a personalized experience with the brands they engage with and marketing functions need to provide a hyper-personalized experience to their customers across all touchpoints.

They need to leverage technology to forge deeper and stronger customer relationships to retain them. Customers are engaging across multiple channels like web, mobile, social media, in-person stores and expect to have a seamless experience across all these multiple touchpoints.

The challenge for marketing professionals is how to deliver and exceed their customers’ expectations to retain their loyalty.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is transforming marketing automation into a wider, end to end customer experience.

Redefining customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation platform that helps you personalize customer journeys and engage with customers in real-time using built-in AI and analytics in their platform.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a game-changing platform from Microsoft and is elevating customer engagement across industries and is fast becoming a key differentiator for leading organizations today.

It is an only comprehensive data-first AI-powered customer experience platform., which connects data, to enrich it, to make sense of it, and to activate it, all while maintaining trust and privacy. This platform enables a personal touch, breaking down silos in your organization, unifying data, and unifying orchestration to engage customers through their actions.

Key features of Dynamics 365 Marketing

1. Create impactful e-mail campaigns with customizable templates

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most important tools used by marketers to reach their target audience. Dynamics 365 Marketing has ready to execute customizable templates for emails and landing pages which can be created with ease.

It offers intuitive drag-and-drop tools which make personalized content creation easy and hassle-free. It helps to do A/B testing and offers advanced visualization features like a heat map, location map to analyze e-mail results.

2. Design real-time interactive customer-led journeys with automation

The platform helps to create a personalized orchestrated customer journey by nurturing them based on their interactions across e-mail, social media, mobile, online channels, and personal touchpoints.

It offers easy to use drag and drop feature to create an automated omnichannel campaign that can send personalized messages, do follow-up activities, enabling the team to track campaign effectiveness and analyze the results.


3. Effectively plan and manage events and webinars

The Dynamics 365 Marketing event management feature is very comprehensive and helps to simplify event planning, and budgeting, through promotion and publication, attendee registration, final analytics, lead generation, and evaluation of ROI.

It helps to host the event with ease using built-in Microsoft Teams integration, where attendees can review event information and register online. The events can be easily integrated into marketing email campaigns to promote and enhance registration


4. Set up lead scoring models for better nurturing

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps to build flexible lead scoring models based on demographics, regency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM) rule based on automatically collected customer interaction data, across email clicks, websites visited, event registrations, and more.

Lead qualification and lead prioritization can be done using automated business process workflows to channel each lead through the lead-generation demand waterfall model, from discovery, through nurturing, and on to qualification and close. Lead can be prioritized and assigned by sales-readiness grades as per the scoring model.


5. Import LinkedIn leads directly into Dynamics 365 for follow-up.

The platform facilitates connecting with the right LinkedIn audiences by importing leads generated with LinkedIn’s lead tools directly into Dynamics 365.

Through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector, it is possible to sync leads captured through the LinkedIn tools with the Dynamics 365 organization which helps the sales and marketing teams to develop and nurture them.


6. Improve customer targeting with AI-driven insights

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is equipped with analytical tools to collect and validate data, and offer actionable insights. Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers a Customer Insights module, an Azure-based business intelligence service designed to help businesses get a 360-degree view of the customer.

Customer Insights helps companies to see detailed interaction reports for every piece of content deployed throughout their customer’s journey, from within the app’s native dashboards.

TeBS customer use cases for Dynamics 365 Marketing

# A leading educational institution does target marketing for better outreach

A leading early education, child care, and enrichment provider and a market leader of premium preschool in Asia were keen to increase communications efficiency and improve the efficacy of their marketing outreach programs to prospective parents.

Our customer was looking for a marketing automation platform that could help them to do better outreach programs to reach the prospecting parents from targeted households.  They wanted to execute lead management, e-mail campaign messaging and its distribution, and social media marketing​ through this platform.

We helped to implement Dynamics 365 marketing as a robust platform which enabled them to centralize all databases and run targeted e-mail campaigns with consistency in design and messaging to the focus audience. They were able to manage all communications to social media through this platform and seamlessly streamline operations for marketing teams across centers.   The marketing team now had visibility into performance for each user, school, and department and was able to derive powerful insights on the effectiveness of their marketing campaign to enhance their customer service.

#A leading association for human resource professionals enhances customer service through personalized offers

Our customer is a leading government authorized association and works closely with HR professionals and their organizations to create progressive and forward-looking people practices. They run and conduct many HR training programs and certification courses, to empower HR professionals, and create developmental and professional pathways for them.

They were looking for a solution to better manage all the online course registrations and track effectively course applications and the number of approvals given for the course and final enrolment. They were keen to have a single seamless platform that could help to  manage various marketing activities like e-mail campaign management,  social media marketing, and lead capture through the website

TeBS helped to implement Dynamics 365 Marketing application to manage their marketing and CRM needs, The implemented solution provided a complete 360-degree view of the course participants and they could now easily track the entire customer journey. They were able to have more personalized customer interactions and could pitch targeted training programs to the right participant, thereby increasing the intake for their course programs.

How TeBS Can Help

As you have seen, Dynamics 365 Marketing is a flexible, powerful way to personalize buyers’ journeys and build rewarding relationships.

We have enabled numerous organizations across verticals like -, financial services, pharmaceuticals, power, and utilities, manufacturing educational institutions, and not for profits to orchestrate customer journeys through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We have helped these organizations to connect with customers, partners, and donors on a deeper level to nurture leads and strengthen business relationships.

If you would like to know more about how we have empowered sales and marketing to enhance their customer engagement with Dynamics 365 Marketing, then drop us a mail at and we will get our Microsoft Specialists team member to give you a personalized demo.


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