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TeBS delivers digital capabilities to students and staff through the convenience of their mobile devices


The Self Service Mobile Applications (SSMA) aims to deliver timely, accurate and relevant information and services to the students and staff of Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), through the convenience of their mobile devices.

The Need

The key objective of these apps is to extend the self-service capabilities of NP’s Campus portal – NPal2 system, through native iOS and Android Mobile applications, so that students and staff may access key self-service functionalities using their mobile phones. These apps are used by over 18,000 students and 2,000 staff of NP for their day to day transactions such as viewing timetables, exam and test schedules, CCA activities, leave application and approval, claims, etc.

Solution Provided

TeBS has designed a robust mobile app with a professional and easy-to-use interface that connects students and teachers on one common platform thereby enabling self service capabilities.

A few salient features of the SSMA are:

  • The system integrates NP’s PeopleSoft campus application for data and business logic in real-time, thereby eliminating the duplication of critical functionality and maintaining data integrity.
  • Minimizing replication of business logic is an important aspect of this application, resulting in ease of maintenance of the overall system.
  • The application is robust and supports 8,000 concurrent users on the day of release of exam results without compromising the performance SLA of under 5 second response time.
  • Highly secure, with dual authentication and designed with safeguards against various threats including DDOS attacks, these apps also provide the convenience of Single Sign On to users. The system is designed to perform dual authentication in the background against NP’s Active Directory as well as PeopleSoft LDAP to provide additional layer of security.
  • The applications work seamlessly in offline mode, use the local data store to persist updates and sync upon connectivity with the back-end.

The SSMA has the following benefits:

  • Improves Staff productivity by cutting down the time spent on routine transactional tasks such as preparing and submitting of claims, application and approval of various types of requests.
  • Leverages mobile device features such as camera to simplify the process of submitting supporting documents such as receipts or medical certificates. This in turns leads to significant savings in terms of paper, processing and HR costs, apart from saving the time spent by staff members on these activities.
  • The personalized notification feature allows admin to notify staff and students regarding changes in class or exam schedule and location in real-time using mobile notifications. The Polytechnic is using this feature to notify students of any emergency messages including haze related warnings.

A glimpse of the solution implemented for NP:

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