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What is Modern Digital Workplace? 

People-centred organizations are embracing digital mastery – the ability and ambition to use technology for better business outcomes. It acknowledges that employees are being woven into this digital state through powerful devices to make their jobs more efficient and allows organizations to accurately reflect their staff’s changing work experience. Hence these organizations have begun to implement an entirely new working environment – the digital workplace.  

The Intelligent Digital Workplace integrates the technologies that employees use such as chat, e-mail, social media and more along with corporate applications like Document Management, HRMS, CRMS etc. to break down communication barriers and foster collaboration, efficiency, innovation and growth, thereby transforming the employee experience. 

TeBS IntraSenz is an Intelligent framework, to build your modern digital workplace , which helps you fast track your collaboration and offer smart information, content management, business productivity applications along with promoting team work. 

8 Business Productivity Applications 

1.Resource Booking  

Most of companies and organizations would need a resource booking system. Bookings should be easy and quick to apply and the bookings should never overlap one another. 

There should be a “Bird eye view” of overall booking made. Such applications can be implemented in many ways to create digital working environments with Intrasenz. 

2.Project Management (ProjectSenz) 

The project monitoring system monitors pipeline project costs, risks, timelines, resources, tasks, activities and much more activities and tasks to ensure the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness for the project. 

3.Travel Request Management 

Travel request management is a solution to help organizations automate and manage two processes related to business travel: approving travel requests and processing expense reports with workflows, pre-travel and post-travel expenses, travel plans and expenses and also keeps track of essential information, travel information and expenses. 

4.Timesheet Management 

Timesheet Management simplifies time tracking and time billing with Timesheet approvals. Organization can easily manage real-time dashboards work reports, and desk time to help your business grow and people become more successful. 

5.Employee E-cards/ E- Greetings Management  

With the help of e-greeting management, companies can make employees happy with personal e-cards for a special occasion. To make it more effective notifications, alerts and reminders can be set. 

6.Staff Idea Box 

Collate and disseminate the wealth of ideas and suggestions from your employees. This app also supports whistleblowing and anonymous submissions 


Digitization of processes relieves many manual steps while speeding up workflow and minimizing careless errors. It provides budget management and visibility for budget management prior to approval to run the business smoothly. 

8.Claims Management 

Claims management is necessary to determine the level of service parameters and ensure customer confidence. It claims system with online claims and approvals, receipt management, receipt upload, reimbursement management, workflow management and much more. 

To build modern digital workplace for your organization, get in touch with us TODAY!  

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