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To automate business processes and boost organizational agility, TeBS offers business process automation software solutions tailored to certain industries.



Our Smart Process Automation Software Solutions for Business Can Empower Your Company.

Digital transformation is one of the significant initiatives that businesses are embracing swiftly. People, processes, and data must all be integrated for a company to function at its best. Every corporation strives to make these components more effective in order to become more customer-focused and operationally successful businesses.

Business process management (BPM) solutions, commonly referred to as BPA software, help organizations restructure, automate, and optimize business processes to raise worker productivity and boost cost savings. TeBS assists its clients in moving forward with their digital transformation projects more swiftly by providing end-to-end innovative business process automation products across the whole industrial value chain. These products make use of the best BPA software platforms and technologies.

Competency in Business Process Automation

TeBS collaborates with its clients to develop distinctive BPM Software solutions by utilizing strong low-code automation technologies. The integration of people, technology, and data encourages the progression of process excellence across the organization. Our experts in business process automation software can assess, arrange, design, and adapt your company’s processes to meet specific needs. Using BPA solutions that are at the top of their game in the market, we provide you with advice based on your needs, the level of technology at the time, and the maturity of your processes.

Business Process Automation Consulting Services

In addition to solutions for business process design, monitoring, analytics, process mining, and automation, we also provide full-service services for the establishment of business process automation strategies and roadmaps.

Business Process Automation Centre of Excellence (COE)

You may define the benchmarks and implementation best practices with the aid of our business process automation expertise. We may be able to assist in the development of the framework and the establishment of the Center of Excellence (CoE) concept to enable continual improvement.

Business Process Automation Implementation & Support

With the aid of our expertise, continual optimization may be made possible in the following areas: reference architecture, solution architecture development, business process automation, fitting product analysis, and architectural review.

Business Process Automation Software Upgrade & Testing Services

We provide a special collection of tools and techniques for frequent and affordable BPM Software upgrades. Regression automation frameworks, estimate kits, and upgrade procedures are all things we can help with. Our testing services are specifically designed for business process automation and put an emphasis on early problem discovery to save overall costs.

Our Solutions

We can help you automate mundane but critical activities as a respected and professional provider of business process automation solutions.

Claims Process

We can help automate claims operations and enable self-service claim filing by eliminating the need for human input. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like ML-based fraud prevention and intelligent document processing for OCR.

Hiring Requisition

We provide HR staff members more authority by automating processes like departmental recruiting requests, which are sent up the departmental food chain before reaching the HR/Talent department.

Service Request

All service requests issued to different vendors must be integrated, and their progress must be tracked by an IT department. To ensure that you obtain balanced days or amounts, SLA tracking, and vendor performance, we can automate the entire process.


We can help automate each and every step of the grant management process, including grant application, review, project monitoring, expense tracking, and intellectual property development.

Employee On-boarding
and Off-boarding

The onboarding and offboarding of new recruits, as well as the whole employee lifecycle, from hiring to retirement, may all be entirely automated with the aid of BPM software.

Optimization Approach

Our approach to offering BPM Software consultancy is distinctive because it includes every stage of the business process lifecycle, from the strategy and roadmap for business process automation through governance and continuous improvement.

Enterprise Architecture
  1. Doing a process analysis.
  2. Recognizing potential process improvement opportunities
  3. Establishing standardized process documentation and a repository
Process Improvement
  1. Determine process inefficiencies.
  2. Process analysis and ideas for improvement
  3. Determine which procedures should be automated.
Process Optimization
  1. Prioritization of processes and design of workflows
  2. Procedures are being implemented.
  3. Continue to watch for further progress.

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