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6 Benefits of using MS Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA)

1) Price to win in a complex organization

Dynamics 365 for PSA helps create competitive bids with resources from within the organization, with a solid understanding of the required skill set, their cost, and the time taken to complete assigned tasks.

2) Quick-turnaround on project estimates

PSA offers project templates enabling organizations to create bids easily and in much lesser time, thereby reducing the cost of sales.

3) Assign the best available resources

PSA enables organizations to find the best talent, with the right availability and cost to begin project-based work when required. This capability helps drive higher levels of billable utilization, which is one of the most critical components of profitability.

4) Engage and develop professionals

Dynamics’ PSA’s architecture enables consultants and other billable employees to view upcoming project-based work, which allows them to potentially bid on the work.

5) Simplify timesheets and approvals

PSA offers intuitive calendar-based tracking and mobile application to improve the tedious task of maintaining project time and cost. It helps reduce overhead by increasing efficiency thereby improving employee satisfaction.

6) Invoice-as-agreed

Because PSA enables employees to record time and expenses through the solution or on the mobile app, it ensures that when invoices are generated, they will be transparent and accurate, increasing client satisfaction and reducing the potential for rejected invoices.


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