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UiPath’s solution is certified for SAP automation which helps businesses with flexibility and provides them the option to automate SAP® processes without the hassle of investing into expensive development projects along with the ease of seamless integration.

At TeBS, we strive to provide our customers with best ROI for automation projects across the entire SAP landscape. We are  established UiPath  USN and Diamond partner and are strongly committed to making the deployment in your SAP environment hassle free and easy.

We have automated many complex business scenarios  in SAP ERP modules and  have infused SAP Scripting with UiPath automation to bring maximum efficiency for our customers.

In this blog, we would like to share our experience and the outcome we were able to achieve by enabling SAP scripting and automate with UiPath.

By using UiPath regular components and controls, we can easily navigate in SAP pages, menus while using TCode. The data entered and read from the SAP portals, are able to generate reports and upload files too. At TeBS, we follow the protocol of always following the pre-check lists such as enabling the scripting, disabling the notifications etc. with the respective customer IT team and work closely with them to prepare the platform for automation. TeBS has immense experience on resolving selector issues and overcoming the challenges with smart solutions.

We have gone the extra mile and automated SAP using SAP Scripting for our clients. The Performance for this effort has been recognized and well appreciated. The script is a lot faster than UiPath standard automation. Developing script modules takes less effort. With Script, bot runs a lightweight language and is not dependent on UI (User Interface) and mouse interactions. It runs on minimized SAP screen, so the performance is exemplary. Another remarkable achievement is Reliability. With Script, selectors form dynamically by selecting the SAP objects directly through their object names and types, which is not possible with UiPath standard options, available as wildcard or asterisk (*). Scalability is another thing that

we have achieved. We have done almost every action a user can do in SAP, with Script. The object-oriented coding supports in achieving this result. Bot has access to all methods and properties of any SAP object it targets, which makes it powerful and almost without any limitation to automate user actions.

We would like to share an automation use case for a leading regional logistics customer of TeBS , wherein  SAP system was being implemented. We could enhance  efficiency and key performance using SAP scripting. The Bot was able to deliver desired results in less than 2 days, which was the repeated task of 2 FTE. We can even do error free reusable coding blocks for various scenarios. We analyse the automation process with SAP and propose the need of SAP Scripting to achieve the desired result for our customer. This will immensely benefit the customer to train and maintain the Bot by themselves too.


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