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TeBS enables organizations to automate and streamline business processes involving frequent data consolidation, manipulation and updating


Our client is a leading provider of food and beverages services in ASEAN, catering to the needs of the aviation sector and a host of other businesses in hospitality, food, healthcare, freight and logistics industries besides governments. 


The Need

The customer success department has the process of downloading complex data from multiple 3rd party websites and portals, performing complex data manipulations and preparing consolidated reports to generate insights in order to better serve their customer needs and preferences.   

The process is repetitive and voluminous and requires downloading and processing large data sets.  The user team was facing challenges encountering human errors during data formatting and upload. Users spent on average 60 minutes per day on the process, preparing data for reports from various websites and master files.

Solution Provided

TeBS RPA team worked very closely with the customer team to understand their business challenges and implement a path-breaking automated solution on UiPath RPA  platform 

The RPA bot logs in to websites such as Google Analytics, Firebase, Clevertap, One Drive etc., downloads the reports, and places them in shared folders for the user to pick up.  The robot then reads the modified reports, applies complex data formatting rules and updates the corresponding master files. 

Post RPA, the average processing time has been reduced to just under 3 minutes, freeing the users from working on voluminous tasks. TeBS has enabled self-service capabilities within the team, increased accuracy, process standardization and seamless report generation.  

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