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TeBS successfully deploys award winning and innovative mobile application as part of Drainage Asset Management System (DAMS) for PUB.


As the national water agency, Public Utilities Board (PUB) is responsible for collection, production, distribution and reclamation of water in Singapore. PUB’s Catchment & Waterways Officers and their Contractors carried out daily inspections and repairs of drainage features. The reports of those works were filed by individual officers manually and in hard copies.

PUB was finding it to be very difficult and time consuming to perform regular updates of service data and was looking to have an IT system to reduce the rework of updating the manual data into their data system. That is when they decided to implement the Drainage Asset Management System (DAMS). This application enables the officers and contractors to submit and file their inspection and repair reports automatically and systematically into a centralized data store then display the status/condition of the drains to respective users.

The Need

mobile application for field officers and contractors to submit the inspection/ repair works on site to the database and a web portal for administration of reports on inspection, Repair, Asset Management, Drain Condition, Settings, role assignments, search function, etc.
A secure database to store the information, records and reports from field officers and contractors.

Solution Provided

After due diligence, TeBS found that to serve the requirements and needs of PUB Officers and Contractors, an integrated Mobile Application with real-time data access and Geo Location Fencing were essential towards building a successful drainage asset management system. The system leverages on Google Maps as well and is deployed on cloud for anytime/anywhere access.

Few salient features of DAMS include scalability, flexibility, offline access, ease-of-use,  and responsiveness. The app supports offline inspection and report generation and syncs with centralized database automatically upon network connection. The system is easily adoptable and enables over 2000 PUB officers (Inspectors & Service Engineers) as well as contractors to file and submit their inspection and repair reports of drainage conditions, using an iPad application in real time.

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