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What is a Collaboration Tool 

A collaboration tool is as simple as a white board in a conference room, where people can virtually connect, brainstorm and solve problems to achieve common business goals.  

As we see all across the globe, the new normal now for businesses is to work remotely with small teams or as individuals. Therefore, many organizations are increasingly making decisions to run their businesses to profitability while meeting the needs of their workforce. During this critical time when countries have banned travel, workplaces need to be connected, now more than ever. 

Many organizations have already begun to implement an entirely new working environment – the Digital Workplace. TeBS’ IntraSenz is a smart and collaborative framework that provides organizations the foundation to build their Intelligent Digital Workplaces in just 8 weeks.   


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In this modern lifestyle, employees are looking for a flexible work environment. As a result, forward-thinking organizations are adopting a collaborative environment and providing their employees with a good work-life balance to attract all types of talent. 

Collaboration tools like IntraSenz provide employees with a digital workplace, as they allow users of any geographic location to work with any team member at any time, even while working remotely. In addition, it saves employees money and time associated with commuting. 

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It is beneficial to have single platform which is capable of doing various functions of many other tools which are important to manage projects, can save time, effort and money.  

With Intrasenz, employees are free from logging onto several different tools thereby saving their time. Intrasenz includes chatboats, discussion forms, ease of document access, calendar of events, all of which are easily accessible from a single platform. 

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Working remotely, the biggest challenge of every organization is to monitor the status of the work. Instead of indulging themselves in the burden of meetings or emails, they want a quick way to track the status of projects such as who made the changes to the document, the history of the document, tagging the collaborator for quick response, and many more. This couldn’t have been made easier without a collaboration tool like IntraSenz. 

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In this modern scenario, collaboration tools are a priority for employeesOrganizations can save “down time” and allow employees to work when they can be more productive. Collaboration tools help employees increase their productivity by providing all relevant documents in one place and help them to reduce the time spent on document discovery. 

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IntraSenz, a cloud-based collaboration tool provides all the necessary information, documents and cross-functional members on one platform, making the lives of employees easier and productive by saving time. In this way, they can work together with the same goal and connect with each other by sharing new ideas, development strategies, working modules, strategy, design and many more in one place, then this becomes a knowledge hub. 

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When employees work from different geographical locations it becomes a challenge to find relevant documents and track changes to the document. Collaboration tools have completely overcome this challenge. Now the document can be easily accessible from any location and can be edited multiple times by many people and tracked in real time. 

Now employees no longer need to store their documents and assets in hard drives, they can simply log into Intrasenz!  

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The most important concern among organizations is security, especially for those who have sensitive data. The safest collaboration platform should have several security measures in place to protect all confidential documents, assets and information.  

Intrasenz features two-factor authentication, single sign-on via Active Directory, and encryption of data in transit. It can notify concerned people in case of attempted breach and where unauthorized access attempts have been made. 

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IntraSenz not only provides employees with a collaborative environment, but also serves as a single source of truth for customers to share comments in a real-time and quick manner. 

And whenever the employee is in a discussion with the customer instead of taking updates from team members, he can take updates directly from a single platform and share the progress status with the customer without delay, thereby winning the customers’ trust. 

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Intrasenz provides seamless information dissemination. In this way, any member of the project team can spread opinions, knowledge and ideas quickly. Add to this the project manager, team leader or any senior member, can easily announce project related updates and many more  

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Not only does IntraSenz save time, money and efforts but it also allows employees to focus on other important work. From a single platform they are able to manage various different aspects and speed up their work. 

TeBS has developed the IntraSenz framework, which helps you fast track your collaboration and offer smart information, content management, business productivity applications along with promoting team work in a modern digital workplace. With IntraSenz, we are preparing organizations for the future of digital.  


Know more about hoour collaboration tool Intrasenz can help your organization.


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