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ESG in a Nutshell

Sustainable technology is increasingly gaining prominence in the enterprise world as it helps to bring operational efficiency.

Gartner defines sustainable technology as a framework of digital solutions that can enable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes for the enterprise and its customers.

Our ESG Goals for a Sustainable Tomorrow

At TeBS, we believe that creating a diverse and inclusive environment through all layers of the organization boosts innovation and employee engagement. We provide equal opportunities to everyone and encourage our talent development team to advocate and champion the cause for bringing equity, diversity, and inclusion across all our teams and promote justice and fairness within the organizational processes.

Helping our customers with next-generation solutions across automation, cloud, application modernization, and AI to help them reduce their environmental impact and enhance their energy efficiency.
Helping our customers with next-generation solutions across automation, cloud, application modernization, and AI to help them reduce their environmental impact and enhance their energy efficiency.
Establishing shared ESG goals with our partner ecosystem to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint and work towards a cleaner and greener planet.

Environmental, Social & Governance


We are committed to conserving water, managing and recycling waste at all our locations to reduce the environmental impact.


We firmly believe in supporting & care for their well-being. Our CSR initiatives are in the areas of health, environment, education, & socio-economic welfare.


All our employees are trained on the Code of Conduct and Ethics, including Information Security Risk & Compliance, to maintain the highest standards of corporate governance.

Leveraging Technology to Drive Sustainability

Digitalization is paving the way towards sustainable development, which is essential to create a Smart Green Planet and we are proud to be an enabler to this initiative through our portfolio of offerings. We have invested in providing digital technologies across Intelligent automation, robotic process automation, advanced analytics, AI/ML, digitizing workplace which helps enterprises to enhance operational efficiency, optimize their business processes, and accelerate the enterprises’ journey towards sustainability.

Digitalization has a positive impact on the environment as it helps to embrace automation solutions like a paperless office. We enable our customers with the digitization of their paper processing, invoices, billing, claims, recruitment offers, vendor and customer contracts which helps to significantly cut down on expenses across the board and, importantly, reduces the carbon footprint.

Few Examples of Sustainable Solutions Built for Our Customers

A drainage tracking app for a leading Utility firm in Asia enabled them to effectively track bottlenecks in the system and auto-generate notifications to the repair team to fix the issues faster.
Empowering Non-Profit sectors like eldercare services, Counselling Centers, and nursing centers to digitize their operations with our patent product CareSenz – helping them improve communication with donors and volunteers, increasing their impact in the community.
A recycling application for a waste management company to streamline the waste management process by enabling the public to view the pick-up timelines and book online their recycling requests.
Helped a healthcare firm able to fully automate end-to-end patient form processing with 95% accuracy automated Bots, which greatly enhanced the productivity of front-line workers to focus on valuable work.
Enabled digitization of HR processes for many organizations helping them to automate manual time-consuming processes like employee onboarding, tracking timesheet, claim reimbursement, etc., and enabling them to effectively utilize their workforce for productive work.
Digital Transformation for a leading regional bank by helping them implement governance and operationalization models along with setting up of CoE program Robotic Process Automation platform.